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David Cartwright's Kidney Transplant Journey Through COVID-19

David Cartwright’s eight-year journey to his kidney transplant caused him to require dialysis, the process by which waste, salt and extra water are removed from the body by machine, since the kidneys can no longer perform this function. But this timing landed David in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Gift: Donating a Kidney to a Stranger

Her chances of finding a match for a kidney transplant were 1 in 100. Here’s how a stranger helped her defy the odds — and how both their lives irrevocably changed.

Welcoming Baby Scarlett During COVID-19

Navigating pregnancy and childbirth for the first time is challenging enough. The backdrop of COVID-19 makes it downright adventurous. Fortunately for Jordan Harman and Annabelle Evans, they’re no strangers to adventure, medical or otherwise.

Living Donation a Family Affair for One Couple

Living donation is a family affair for Brian and his wife Evette, who each donated a kidney to twin sons Alan and Brian.

Overview of Living Kidney Donation

Sometimes, information overload occurs when you are considering becoming a live kidney donor for someone in need. An overview of our program can help answer any questions you may have.

Innovative Kidney Exchange Program Touches Multiple Lives, Generations

On Valentine's Day 2008, Evan received a kidney as part of the National Kidney Registry's first "transplant chain." Learn more about how this program changed Evan's life.

Bride Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Kidney Transplant

For Dorothy Shelley, who was diagnosed with kidney disease as a child, a kidney transplant was life-changing. On the 30th anniversary of her transplant, she reflected on opportunities it gave her.

NY Med: Rita and Anthony

Rita, a vivacious mother and businesswoman, is shocked to find her kidneys are failing. With 100,000 people on the transplant waitlist, her chances are not good. But there may be an angel closer to Rita than she realizes.