Donor Surgeons

Donor Nephrologists

Donor Transplant Coordinators

  • Jennifer Kirschenbaum, RN, BSN 
  • Chanel Acee, RN, MSN
  • Paulina Pelta, RN, BSN

Other Clinical Staff

Transplant Clinical Staff

Physician assistants work with the surgeons and nephrologists to manage the care of donors in the post-donation setting. 

  • Samantha Adelsberg, RPA-C
  • Maureen Beale, RPA-C, MS
  • Jehona Marku-Podvorica, RPA-C, MS 

Nutritionists help you meet your nutritional needs before and after donation. They work closely with you to develop and reach goals such as weight loss, when appropriate. 

  • Mike McDonnough, MS, R.D.

Social workers will help you and your family deal with many issues that may arise including lodging and transportation, finances, insurance, and legal issues.

  • Farrah Desrosiers, LCSW, CCTSW

Clinical pharmacists assist the team in monitoring any medications that you may need throughout the donation process.

  • Jennifer (Hanna) Lee, PharmD, BCPS
  • Esther Liu, PharmD 

Financial coordinators work with you and your insurance company to evaluate your insurance coverage to ensure coverage of any items that your recipient’s insurance may not cover.

  • Jennifer Fojas 

Clinical research and transplant quality personnel educate you about opportunities to participate in research studies and coordinate your care if you choose to participate in a research study.  They also monitor the transplant program to ensure it is meeting regulatory requirements. 

  • Meredith Aull, PharmD
  • Marion Simonsen 

Transplant Administrative Staff

  • Program Manager: Allison Hoffman