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Lung Cancer Survivors’ Advice for Finding the Right Doctor

For two lung cancer survivors who sought treatment at Weill Cornell Medicine, choosing the right doctor didn’t just make them feel more comfortable — it was a matter of life and death.

An Oncologist’s Mission to Cure a Rare Blood Cancer and Health Disparities for All

Dr. Adrienne Phillips is a medical oncologist and hematologist passionate about delivering the highest-quality care to underserved patient populations.

The Making of a Doctor: Dr. Adrienne Phillips on Family, Medicine, and Mentorship

From a very early age, Dr. Adrienne Phillips — a medical oncologist and hematologist at Weill Cornell Medicine — knew she wanted to be a physician. Learn more about her journey and her dedication to diversity in the field.

Advice for Gastrointestinal Cancer Patients from a Leading Oncologist

Weill Cornell Medicine's Dr. Allyson Ocean offers advice for patients who have received a GI cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Sonal Kumar on the silent epidemic of fatty liver disease

Dr. Kumar sees that many patients know very little about liver disease or, worse, have received incorrect or misleading information.