Patient Care


Prostate Cancer Myths and Facts

Weill Cornell Medicine's Dr. Jim Hu sets the record straight on some commonly held myths about prostate cancer.

Brian and Sandra: Care Partners Through Alzheimer's Disease

When Brian began experiencing early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, he and his wife, Sandra, turned to Weill Cornell Medicine for help.

Podcast: What is Rehabilitation Medicine and How Can it Help Me?

In the inaugural episode of Weill Cornell Medicine's Back to Health podcast, Dr. Joel Stein and Dr. Michael O'Dell discuss rehab medicine, who it can help, and how it can maximize a patients' function so they can get back to their daily routines and favorite activities.

Back Pain: Not Just for Old Men

Charles Bieler was just 42 years old when he began to experience debilitating pain. But with the help of Weill Cornell Medicine, he has been able to get back to skiing, surfing and running.

Epilepsy Patient Offers Advice to Those Living with Seizure Disorders

Phillip Gerson, who was treated for epilepsy at Weill Cornell Medicine, shares some insight, advice, and encouragement for those living with a seizure disorder.