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Rules for User Conduct

The Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center works to maintain a safe and comfortable environment conducive to the study and use of health information resources. Visitors are expected to show consideration for other users and for members of the PRC staff.

The following activities are not allowed in the Patient Resource Center:

  1. Eating/bringing in food and/or drinking, except from non-spillable cups
  2. Using or possessing drugs or alcohol, or smoking/chewing tobacco
  3. Improper dress; e.g., no shoes, no shirt
  4. Bringing animals into the center, except those needed to assist persons with disabilities
  5. Solicitations of any kind
  6. Leaving a child alone in the center without adult supervision
  7. Theft and/or misappropriation of the center or another user's property, or failing to report and surrender any lost items or money found on PRC premises to staff or Security
  8. Physical violence and/or carrying a weapon into the patient resource center
  9. Vandalism; abuse or misuse of center equipment or property
  10. Refusing to follow the center's Computer, Internet Access & Printer Use Policies
  11. Talking loudly, making noise, or engaging in other disruptive behavior; playing of audiovisual equipment that others can hear
  12. Interfering with another person's use of the patient resource center, such as harassment or verbal abuse of other PRC users
  13. Interfering with center staff's performance of their duties, such as harassment or verbal abuse of staff members
  14. Refusing to discontinue use of equipment, such as computers, or printers after closing announcements; or refusing to leave the premises at closing time

Computer, Internet Access and Printer Use Policies

The Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center's computers, Internet access and public printer are provided as a free service to patients and visitors. To ensure equal access, we ask you to abide by the following:

  2. Computer time limited to 30 minutes per session
  4. Use discretion and avoid sensitive sites
  5. These computers may not be used for commercial purposes, lobbying, gambling, harassment of others, spam e-mails (unsolicited mass e-mails), viewing explicit photos/videos, or downloading music
  6. All computers are turned off upon closing at 4:00 p.m.