Well Visits and Annual Physical Exams

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We recommend the following routine well-child visits. Check with your insurance provider to see what visits they cover; you will be responsible for the fees associated with any costs your insurer does not pay.

Age Comments
1st week 2-3 days after hospital discharge; essential for breast-fed newborns
2-4 weeks Not covered by some insurers
2 months Routine vaccines due
4 months Routine vaccines due
6 months On/after 6-month date; routine vaccines due
9 months  
12 months On/after birthday; routine vaccines due
15 months Routine vaccines due
18 months  
2 years  
2 1/2 years Not covered by some insurers
3 years  
4 years On/after birthday; routine vaccines due
Yearly thereafter Not covered by some insurers

We require that all children under age 18 be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for well visits. An alternate caregiver may bring a child for other visits, if authorized by written permission.

School/Camp Form Policy

Please plan ahead to schedule any necessary appointments or obtain completed medical forms for your child's school or camp.

Please give us 7-10 days notice to complete these forms and make sure your child has had a recent well visit in our office (within the past year). If your child needs a well visit, you will have to plan farther ahead to make an appointment. Be sure to bring the form with you to the visit. If it has been less than one year since your child’s last well visit, we can complete a form based on the last well visit.

There is a standard service charge of $10 for any form completion. This amount is due at the time the forms are submitted to our office.

Sometimes we may be able to expedite forms (same/next business day if the physician is in the office). Be sure to check with a staff member about whether we are able to accommodate the expedited service at the time you need it, and be aware that there is a $50 expedited service fee.

Antibiotic Use

Antibiotics are powerful tools that can be lifesaving for serious bacterial infections. However, they are only effective against bacterial infections (such as strep throat and many ear infections). They are not effective against viral infections, such as the common cold, even if fever exists.

Antibiotics do pose a risk of side effects or allergic reactions. When they are overused or when you do not finish a prescription, there is a risk of the bacteria developing resistance to the antibiotic.

The pediatricians at Weill Cornell Medical Associates approach each sick child individually, to assess the risk of a bacterial infection and weigh it against the risk of taking the antibiotic, so you can make an informed decision about antibiotic use.

For example, mild ear infections usually resolve without treatment. We do not prescribe antibiotics over the phone (such as for an earache) without examining the child first.


Vaccination is the single most important opportunity to prevent serious illness in your child, including brain damage and death. Leaving your child unprotected against vaccine-preventable illnesses poses a great risk to his or her health.

If you have concerns about childhood vaccines, we would be happy to discuss the risks and benefits of vaccinating versus not vaccinating your child.

If you have chosen not to vaccinate your child, our pediatric practice may not be the right fit for your family. We feel strongly that vaccinating your child is one of the most important things that can be done to safeguard your child's health. Since we will be partners in making sure your children remain healthy, it is important that we have similar philosophies in this regard.

The hepatitis B vaccine may be given at birth. Subsequently, routine vaccines start at the two-month well visit. We will discuss the vaccine recommendations for your child's age at your visit.

We follow the vaccination schedule determined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.