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As one of the few dedicated dermatological centers in the country offering advanced phototherapy services, we provide patients with the highest level of expertise—as well as treatments and equipment not available elsewhere. We achieve outstanding results for our patients.

A referral from a physician is required to schedule an appointment with a phototherapy expert.

If you believe you have a condition that would benefit from phototherapy treatment, please first make an appointment with one of our general dermatologists for an evaluation.

Information for Referring Physicians

Patients require a referral to see one of our phototherapy specialists.

If you believe your patient would benefit from evaluation or treatment from a phototherapy specialist, please submit referrals electronically via WebMD or through insurance companies’ individual websites.

Conditions Treated with Phototherapy

Our highly experienced dermatologists use phototherapy to treat:

● Psoriasis
● Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
● Vitiligo (loss of skin color in patches or blotches)
● Lichen planus (inflammation of skin and/or mucus membranes)
● Acne
● Itchiness caused by various conditions
● Eczema

Phototherapy Treatment Process

Phototherapy is a safe and fast way to treat many different types of skin conditions. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, a specific type of artificial ultraviolet light or, at times, other wavelengths of light, is produced and targeted to affected areas. The number of necessary sessions depends on the condition and patient.

Patients are first evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist expert in phototherapy to determine the proper dose and treatment type. The patient is then educated about the risks and benefits of the procedure. 

There are very few side effects associated with phototherapy. Redness, peeling, inflammation, itchiness, or scabbing may occur, but generally subside within a few days with moisturizing.

Why Choose Weill Cornell Medicine for Phototherapy?

Unparalleled phototherapy expertise: Very few dermatological centers in the US have the breadth of knowledge and extensive experience in phototherapy treatments that exists at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Advanced treatments and equipment: Our Department offers a wide range of cutting-edge treatments, including:

● Narrow-band UV radiation
● Broadband radiation
● UVA radiation, including with administration of 8-methoxypsoralen (PUVA)
● UVA1 radiation

We use the most advanced tools and equipment available and have the only total-body UVA1 radiation machine in the region.