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Work From Home? Take Time to Care for Your Voice

Work from home? Too many video calls vexing your vocal cords? Try these suggestions from Weill Cornell Medicine to care for your voice.

Podcast: Aging Voice Disorders

In this episode of Back to Health, Lucian Sulica, M.D. discusses what patients should know about voice disorders as we get older.

Dysphagia: Individualized treatment for people with swallowing disorders

The term “dysphagia” may be unfamiliar to most of us, but its symptoms are all too real if you experience it. The word simply means “difficulty swallowing.” During June—Dysphagia Awareness Month—we have an opportunity to learn about a process we all take for granted, and what can go wrong with this most seemingly natural of functions.

Taking Care of Your Voice: A Whole-Patient Approach to Vocal Health

For opera singers, Broadway performers and public speakers, the voice is a professional asset, comparable to a surgeon’s hands or a pilot’s vision. But most of us tend to take our voices for granted—unless something goes wrong. During the long months of the pandemic, some people have developed vocal problems related to the heavy use of Zoom and other remote meeting platforms.

Podcast: Combatting Vocal Fatigue in a Virtual World

In this lively episode of Back to Health, Christine Murphy Estes, MM, MA-CCC/SLP and Scott Sussman, M.S., CCC-SLP, discuss combatting vocal fatigue in a virtual world.

Dr. Sulica’s Reflections on Vocal Health for 2021 World Voice Day

World Voice Day is an annual celebration devoted to the voice and raising awareness about voice disorders. This year, the day will be full of new appreciations and optimism.

What You Need to Know About Laryngoscopy

One of the most effective and essential diagnostic tools an otolaryngologist has to examine patients suffering from hoarseness is the laryngoscopy—in shorthand, “scoping.” Sometimes patients express anxiety about the procedure. Lucian Sulica, MD, director of the Sean Parker Institute for the Voice, explains what patients really need to know about laryngoscopy.

Taking Care of Your Voice While Working From Home

In a unique partnership, Playbill and Weill Cornell Medicine have kicked off the summer series, “Centerstage with Healthcare Heroes.” In the first installment, Broadway star Telly Leung led a discussion about how people can care for their voices, especially as many continue to work from home.

Caring for the Voice With Telly Leung and Sean Parker Institute for the Voice

On July 31, Weill Cornell Medicine in partnership with Playbill, kicked off the Centerstage With Healthcare Heroes series with Broadway star Telly Leung hosting an insightful conversation on vocal care with Dr. Lucian Sulica and Dr. Anais Rameau from the... Read More

Introducing Centerstage with Healthcare Heroes featuring Broadway Stars

Though Broadway remains closed in NYC, we have partnered with Playbill to bring some of Broadway’s best right to you.