Your voice is not only essential for a vibrant and fulfilling life, but also uniquely yours. That is why all voice and swallowing disorders deserve expert, compassionate care.

At the Sean Parker Institute for the Voice, our physicians are national leaders in evaluating, diagnosing and improving all voice and swallowing disorders. Our patients include professional speakers, performers and those who value scientifically based, personalized care.

Why Choose Weill Cornell Medicine for Voice or Swallowing Care?

There are many different types of voice and swallowing disorders, including muscle tension dysphonia (hoarseness), difficulty swallowing and laryngitis. The physicians at the Sean Parker Institute for the Voice are experts in caring for all voice and swallowing disorders, including complex cases.

Personalized care founded on cutting-edge research: Our team works closely with each patient to understand your specific condition, lifestyle and goals for your vocal health. One of our highly trained physicians will then examine your throat carefully to understand your anatomy and specific disorder.

Using the latest research, our team then develops a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your long-term goals and optimum health.

Multidisciplinary care from leading experts: When you choose Weill Cornell Medicine, you have access to a network of doctors and specialists. Weill Cornell Medicine partners with NewYork-Presbyterian, one of the top hospital systems in New York City and the U.S.

As a patient, you will be seen by our compassionate team of experts, consisting of a laryngologist (an otolaryngologist with specialty training in laryngology), a voice scientist and a speech/language pathologist. They will determine the cause of your voice disorder and develop a personalized treatment plan, which may include therapy, medication or surgical intervention.

Speech language pathologists with expertise in speech, voice and swallowing disorders and in voice rehabilitation after larynx cancer surgery are available for therapy and long-term support.

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