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With an unbreakable bond between Chrissy and Paige, it was no surprise that when Chrissy was in need of a Liver Transplant, Paige stepped up to be her donor. Now, post-transplant both Chrissy and Paige have returned to their normal lives but will continue to have a special place in their heart's for each other always!

Maanaza Kalsee
Liver Donation: 10/9/18

My name is Maanaza and I work in the healthcare industry in NYC. My father was diagnosed with HCC and was referred to Weill Cornell Medicine for treatment by his local hepatologist.  His disease was advanced and progressing quickly, so the option of being placed on the wait-list could delay seeking treatment as soon as possible.  His doctor presented the option of living donor transplant, but the thought of having a family member go through a major surgery scared him.  After long discussions and with the support of my family, I decided to get tested to be a living donor. My first impression was that they are very welcoming and kind. I was informed of the risks and benefits of being a living donor and I felt reassured that I was in safe hands.  From pre-donation to post-op, the team made sure I had the best, stress-free experience and was comfortable every step of the way. My surgeon laparoscopically removed 60% of my liver that was successfully transplanted to my father.  I can honestly say that I was not nervous once throughout this experience because of the attention and great care I received. It was above and beyond what I expected! It's been about a year and a half since transplant and my father and I are healthy and have recovered completely. I am truly grateful for the care we received at Weill Cornell Medicine. Thank you all for your excellent service!

Kalsee Recip and Donor