General Neurology

Internationally regarded as one of the premier neurologic care, teaching and research facilities in the world, The Neurology Faculty Practice at Weill Cornell offers adults and children the most advanced, comprehensive care available today. As an integral part of the medical center, the Neurology Faculty Practice physicians have the unique advantage of being able to interface with other teams of residents and specialists in all areas of medical care, and to utilize the vast resources of one of the country's most prestigious medical and teaching institutions.

Many health-restoring procedures and treatments in use today are the result of breakthrough discoveries made by renowned Weill Cornell practitioners and researchers. Utilizing emerging technologies and advanced diagnostic procedures including serum studies, special testing (carotid doppler, EEG, EMG, Evoked Potentials), and central nervous system imaging, our physicians offer people coping with nervous system disorders the most recent clinical innovations and more effective treatment approaches.

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