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The Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Dermatology welcomes patients with complex dermatological needs.

Our team includes board-certified dermatologists who have extensive training and expertise treating advanced or challenging skin conditions. Often, these conditions require more time and medical expertise than many dermatological centers have to achieve an effective, successful result.

At Weill Cornell Medicine, we are proud of our extensive record of success with the most complex cases. We succeed by working closely with our patients, taking the time needed to understand their medical and dermatological conditions, as well as their goals. We also collaborate closely with other specialists to develop a comprehensive, effective treatment plan.

Patients travel from throughout the region and nation to receive evaluation and treatment from our expert complex medical dermatologists. Our dermatologists see adult, adolescent, and pediatric patients.  

What is Complex Medical Dermatology?

This highly specialized field is not found at every dermatological center. In fact, trained and board-certified complex medical dermatologists practice at a few academic medical centers throughout the country. This specialty focuses on overall wellness.

Complex medical dermatologists treat difficult, rare, or complex skin conditions that may be the result of an internal medicine disease, systemic disease, autoimmune disease, or contact dermatitis (skin allergy). Some of the conditions affect only the skin, while others affect other parts of the body.

Evaluating and treating these conditions requires expertise in both internal medicine and dermatology. In some cases, the dermatologist will collaborate with another specialist, such as a rheumatologist, gastroenterologist, or other physicians.

Conditions We Treat

At Weill Cornell Medicine, our complex medical dermatology specialists treat and manage (partial list):

● Complex or advanced acne and rashes
● Severe psoriasis
● Severe atopic dermatitis
● Skin conditions resulting from an internal medicine issue or systemic disease
● Skin conditions resulting from an autoimmune disorder (including, lupus, pemphigus, scleroderma, vasculitis, and others)
● Skin conditions resulting from a gastrointestinal disorder (including Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and others)
● Skin conditions resulting from a drug or medication reaction
● Autoimmune blistering disorders
● Cutaneous vasculitis
● Hidradenitis suppurativa
● Mastocytosis

Treatments: At Weill Cornell Medicine, we offer the most advanced treatment options available for complex dermatology disorders, including:

● Topical medications
● Oral medications
● Injectable medications
● Dermatological surgery
● Phototherapy
● Patch testing  

Our complex medical dermatologists work with patients who are receiving inpatient care at our hospital, as well as on an outpatient (appointment) basis.

We take the time to create the best treatment plan for each individual patient that is based on a number of factors, including:

● Medical needs
● Dermatological concerns and goals
● Financial parameters (especially for long-term medication use)

Why Choose Weill Cornell Medicine for Complex Medical Dermatology?

Our patients benefit from our:

Unparalleled expertise: Our dermatologists have both the medical and dermatological expertise to successfully treat the most challenging, complex, and rare of cases.

Personalized care: We take the time to carefully evaluate each patient, as well as meet frequently to ensure successful long-term care. All patients receive a treatment plan tailored specifically to their needs and goals.

Comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment: Our dermatologists collaborate with specialists throughout Weill Cornell Medicine to ensure holistic evaluation, treatment, and long-term wellness.

Cutting-edge research: Our dermatologists are not only highly trained for treating patients with these conditions, but also at the forefront of research that is aimed at discovering the causes and precipitating factors of diseases affecting the skin. The overall goal of our research programs is to create new knowledge that will lead to improved ways to prevent and treat disease for the benefit of all patients.

Advanced treatments and equipment: We offer our patients the latest treatment and therapy options, all using the best available equipment and tools—including total body UVA1 light therapy, a modality not available elsewhere in the region.

Wide range of accepted insurance: Our dermatologists accept many types of insurance for these complex conditions.