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Weill Cornell Medicine Physicians have primary care practices in the areas of internal medicine, women's health, pediatrics, and geriatrics. These practices have numerous locations on the Upper East Side and within Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. Committed to ensuring high-quality care to our diverse group of patients, Weill Cornell primary care practices provide complete and affordable, family-oriented care, and accept a wide range of insurance plans. Our primary care practices work together to provide excellent medical care and comprehensive services to every member of your family; practices consist of multiple physicians, many of whom specialize in a particular patient population. Several of our practices also run community outreach programs emphasizing preventive health care and the promotion of wellness through health education.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine services are offered at numerous practices throughout the city. Weill Cornell physicians are committed to providing complete and affordable family-oriented care to those who live in New York and its neighboring communities.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

A wide range of specialized services for women are offered at different Weill Cornell primary care practices. Weill Cornell physicians provide first-rate care in obstetrics, as well as treatment for conditions of the reproductive organs, such as the vulva, vagina, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. Specialists are available in all areas of women's health, with an emphasis on preventative medicine, nutrition, breast cancer, osteoporosis, menopause, and infectious disease.


Primary care services for children embrace prevention and health promotion as well as care for routine childhood illnesses. Weill Cornell's primary care practices offer children from our local community general health care provided by pediatricians who will follow them throughout their childhood and adolescence.


The physicians and nurse practitioners at the Irving Sherwood Wright Center on Aging provide both primary care and consultation to older adults in a multidisciplinary setting. The Wright Center on Aging is dedicated to providing older adults with comprehensive care so that they can lead fulfilling lives.

Our Locations

2315 Broadway
New York, NY 10024
425 E. 61st St., 11th and 12th Floors
New York, NY 10065
215 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10028
425 E. 61st St., 12th Floor
New York, NY 10065
12 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023
40 Worth Street, Suite # 402
New York, NY 10013
1305 York Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10021
123 West 86th Street
New York, NY 10024
1484-1486 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10075
934 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
2 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
254 West 10th St.
New York, NY 10014
535 Clinton Avenue, Lower Level
Brooklyn, NY 11238
160 East 72nd Street
New York, NY 10021

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