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Patient Care
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Patient Care
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Team members at the Weill Cornell Medicine Epilepsy Center conduct and participate in basic science and clinical research to evaluate new therapies for epilepsy.

Our team is proud to have played a significant role in developing and assessing most of the new anti-seizure medications available today. We continue to conduct clinical trials to develop new, better drugs.

Specialists at Weill Cornell Medicine Epilepsy Center have been crucial in developing:

  • Vagal nerve stimulation (VNS),¬†which is now an FDA-approved therapy
  • Deep brain stimulation, a therapy approved for Parkinson's disease that is under study for epilepsy through the SANTE trial

How Our Research Helps Weill Cornell Medicine Patients

Patients whose epilepsy is not responding to standard treatments may participate in a clinical trial testing a new approach. Participation in a clinical trial is voluntary.

Patients enrolled in an investigational study at Weill Cornell Medicine Epilepsy Center receive:

  • Careful medical supervision by a team of experts
  • Trial medication at no cost to the patient
  • Free comprehensive care (laboratory tests and studies, EEG and MRI in some cases, and doctors' visits)
  • Compensation for travel