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Please browse through the educational videos below to learn more about kidney disease and transplantation, including discussion of contemporary issues in organ transplantation such as living donor kidney chains and advances in immune therapy. 

Transplantation TV

Learn more about the transplant program at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian, including its innovative strategies and excellence.


50th Anniversary of Transplant Program

Since performing the first transplant in the New York tri-state area in 1963 in collaboration with The Rogosin Institute, the kidney and pancreas transplantation program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center has performed over 4,200 kidney transplants and has grown to become one of the highest-volume centers in the country. Watch the video below to learn more about the program.


Video Playlists

Some topics are grouped into YouTube playlists to make it easier for you to navigate.

Voices in Transplantation at Weill Cornell Medicine

We hope that this series will give hope and important information to patients awaiting a transplant, and also to those considering organ donation.


Dr. Sandip Kapur: Transplant Surgeon

Learn more about kidney and pancreas transplantation in these series of videos featuring Dr. Sandip Kapur, the chief of the Division of Transplantation at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Dr. Joseph Del Pizzo: Living Donor Surgeon

Learn more about living donor kidney donation in these series of videos featuring Dr. Joseph Del Pizzo.

Pancreas Transplantation

Learn more about pancreas transplants at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Kidney Paired Donation/Swaps/Exchanges

Learn more about Kidney Paired Donations and hear from both medical experts and former patients.


Altruistic/Good Samaritan Living Donation

Learn more about the role altruistic donors play in the living kidney donation process.

For Kids and Their Families

Learn more about pediatric kidney transplantations and watch the stories of former patients and their families.


Kidney Transplant Research

Learn more about the research we are undertaking to improve kidney transplantation treatments and procedures.