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At Weill Cornell Medicine Endocrine Oncology Center, we understand the importance of quickly diagnosing and treating an endocrine tumor, as well as keeping your convenience in mind. Our team personalizes your treatment — and promotes your comfort and quality of life throughout the entire process. Your emotional and physical well-being are our top priorities.


Our compassionate care team understands that having endocrine cancer surgery is a highly personal experience that can be overwhelming and tiring. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care so that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your surgery — and live the fullest, healthiest and most active life possible afterward.

In addition to their expertise, our physicians follow you through the spectrum of additional cancer treatments you may receive as part of your endocrine cancer diagnosis.

Why Choose Weill Cornell Medicine for Endocrine Oncology?

Exceptional surgeons: Our endocrine surgeons have extensive experience treating tumors of the thyroid, parathyroid gland, adrenal gland, as well as endocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas -from the more common cancers like papillary thyroid cancer to rare cancers like adrenal carcinoma or neuroendocrine carcinomas of the intestine. We routinely care for patients with rare, complex or technically challenging conditions. Our patients are comforted knowing that our surgeons are leaders in the field of Endocrine Surgery and world experts in the management of endocrine cancers.


Leaders in advanced techniques and technology: Our surgeons use the most advanced surgical techniques and technology available. We specialize in minimally invasive techniques — including laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgical procedures — which offer effective care for our patients with less pain, less bleeding and a shorter recovery, as well as minimizing scars.  


Novel non-surgical procedures: Our endocrine oncology center uses several innovative non-surgical approaches to treat certain thyroid nodules and cancers, including radiofrequency ablation and ethanol ablation procedures. These procedures are performed with local anesthetic, and sometimes with sedation.  For either procedure, your Weill Cornell Medicine specialist uses real-time ultrasound imaging to guide a needle into the thyroid nodule to destroy the targeted area. These non-surgical minimally-invasive procedures have been shown to be safe and well-tolerated.  However, similar to any type of interventional procedure, there are small risks.  The overall complication rate is low (<3%), which can include voice changes, hypothyroidism, pain, skin burn, and bleeding.


·       Ultrasound-guided Radiofrequency Ablation: Radiofrequency ablation uses an electrode with an active tip to precisely heat and destroy tissue under real-time ultrasound guidance.  This is a new, state-of-the-art approach and has been shown to be an effective alternative to surgery for benign thyroid nodules that are symptomatic, enlarging, hyperfunctioning, or cosmetically disfiguring.  This approach has also been shown as an effective treatment option for carefully-selected small low-risk thyroid cancers, as well as a subset of recurrent thyroid cancers in the neck.  After ablation, you will continue active thyroid surveillance, which includes repeat imaging at defined time intervals and repeat biopsy if new nodules develop at a later date.


·       Ultrasound-guided Ethanol Ablation: Ethanol ablation is a minimally-invasive non-surgical procedure typically used to treat benign thyroid cysts and recurrent thyroid cancer.  The procedure is performed by injecting alcohol into the cyst or tumor through a small needle under ultrasound guidance, and serves as an alternative to extensive surgery in certain scenarios.  Similar to radiofrequency ablation, you will continue active surveillance, which includes repeat imaging at defined time intervals and repeat biopsy if new nodules develop at a later date.


Collaborative, personalized care: Your care team will include surgeons, nurses and staff who prioritize your care, safety and comfort throughout the entire surgery process. Our surgeons and nurses will empower you with information about your condition and treatment options. Together with your surgeon, you will determine the best treatment plan based on your specific condition, lifestyle goals and overall health. We want you to feel comfortable making informed decisions about your condition, surgery, recovery and long-term health.


Convenient location, near you: Our endocrine oncology center has locations on the Upper East Side, Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. At each facility, patients can access all endocrine oncology center resources at Weill Cornell Medicine, including thought leaders and practicing researchers in endocrine surgeryendocrinologynuclear medicinehematology and oncologypathologygastroenterologyinterventional radiologyotolaryngologyneurosurgery, and genetics— giving patients access to the latest medical advances as well as clinical trials for new and innovative treatments that may not be available anywhere else.


Proven patient satisfaction: Our approach of helping patients achieve their optimal quality of life has led to our high patient-satisfaction rates.


Innovative research: As a scientifically based, academic institution, we are at the forefront of the latest treatments. Our dedication to improving the health of patients with endocrine cancer extends to innovative research programs. We continue to develop new techniques and therapies that promote better outcomes and improve our patients’ quality of life following surgery.


As a patient, you can choose to participate in one of our clinical trials to receive the most current treatments. If your doctor believes that you may qualify for one of the studies being conducted in our center, your doctor will offer this as a treatment option. By joining a clinical trial, you help advance medical knowledge of endocrine cancer and treatment. Learn more about our open clinical trials in New York City.

Conditions We Diagnose and Treat

Weill Cornell Endocrine Oncology Center offers state-of-the-art care to detect, diagnose and treat tumors of the thyroid, parathyroid gland, adrenal gland, as well as endocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas.

Thyroid Conditions and Treatments

·       Graves’ Disease

·       Hyperthyroidism 

·       Hypothyroidism 

·       Multinodular Goiter

·       Thyroiditis 

·       Thyroid Nodules

·       Thyroid Cancer

·       Papillary Thyroid Cancer

·       Follicular Thyroid Cancer/ Hurthle Cell Carcinoma

·       Medullary Thyroid Cancer

·       Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

·       Thyroid Lymphoma 

·       Interventional Endocrinology (Radiofrequency Ablation, Ethanol Ablation)

·       Thyroid Surgery

·       Thyroid Hormone Tests

·       Radioactive Iodine


Parathyroid Conditions and Treatments

·       Primary Hyperparathyroidism

·       Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

·       Terriary Hyperparathyroidism

·       Parathyroid Cancer

·       Parathyroid Surgery

·       Re-operative Parathyroid Surgery


Adrenal Conditions and Treatments

·       Adrenal Cancer

·       Adrenal Tumors

·       Adrenal Incidentaloma

·       Cushing's Syndrome

·       Metastatic Disease to the Adrenal Gland

·       Paraganglioma

·       Pheochromocytoma

·       Primary Hyperaldosteronism (Conn's Syndrome)

·       Sex-hormone Producing Tumor 

·       Adrenal Surgery 


Our endocrine oncology staff has developed a unique depth and breadth of experience, serving a specialized center known for leading-edge medical, surgical and aftercare knowledge and techniques.

What to Expect

Your initial appointment at the Weill Cornell Medicine Endocrine Oncology Center includes a detailed evaluation and discussion of your tumor with our physicians. In addition to a physical exam, you may undergo a quick bedside diagnostic procedure such as ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules and flexible laryngoscopy to evaluate your vocal cords.


After treatment, we enroll you in our longitudinal active surveillance program to closely monitor your care, which includes bloodwork, imaging, and office visits at regular intervals. 


Make an Appointment Today


Whether you visit us virtually through a video visit or you see us in person, you can be assured that we will deliver the highest standards of care with compassion. Our team has taken every step to keep our facilities safe for you to continue your care. Learn more about our safety measures and the changes we’ve made to enhance your patient experience.


If you would like a remote second opinion, we can connect you directly with expert physicians and specialists at the Weill Cornell Medicine Endocrine Oncology Center. They will review your individual situation, answer your questions and provide you with information you can share with your family and local practitioner. You can then decide to come to our facilities for treatment or choose to stay in your hometown and receive treatment locally. Learn more at WCM Department of Surgery Second Opinion.  


Meet Our Team

The team at the Weill Cornell Medicine Endocrine Oncology Center offer patients the highest level of safety and care. As a top-ranked academic medical center, you have access to our extensive network of specialists who provide seamless care throughout your treatment — to promote long-term physical and mental health.

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