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Audiologists specialize in helping those with hearing or balance disorders. At Weill Cornell Medicine, our Ear, Nose and Throat Department has a nationally recognized audiology program that helps patients achieve a high quality of life with personalized, compassionate treatment.

We know that living with a hearing or balance disorder can be highly difficult. You deserve the highest level of care for long-term health and wellbeing. We develop long-term relationships with our patients, focusing on helping you live a full life empowered with information and understanding about your specific disorder.

Why Choose Weill Cornell Medicine for Audiology Treatment?

Convenient, individualized audiology treatment: Our team of highly trained, compassionate doctors are here to help you achieve long-term health with the most advanced audiology research, therapies and technology. Your treatment plan is personalized to your specific condition and goals. Your doctor will monitor your health closely to promote long-term success.

Multidisciplinary care from leading experts: When you choose Weill Cornell Medicine, you have access to a network of doctors and specialists. As needed, your audiologist may consult with other Ear, Nose and Throat experts, as well as other specialists to help you achieve optimum health.

Weill Cornell Medicine partners with NewYork-Presbyterian, one of the top hospital systems in New York City and the U.S.

Conditions We Diagnose and Treat

Our team of experts helps children and adults who are suffering from:

●      Hearing loss
●      Dizziness
●      Difficulty balancing

At Weill Cornell Medicine, all audiologists have earned a Certificate of Clinical Competency in Audiology (CCC-A) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

What to expect from your first audiology appointment: Your doctor will perform an extensive evaluation of your health and hearing. If necessary, your doctor will also perform a series of tests to better understand your ear’s anatomy, your auditory nerve’s transmission, hearing in different situations and balance. These tests may include:

●      ElectroCochleoGraphy (ECoG) testing
●      Balance assessments: ElectroNystagmoGraphy (ENG) and VideoNystagmoGraphy (VNG)
●      Tinnitus evaluation and tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT)
●      OtoAcoustic Emission (OAE) testing
●      Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing
●      Auditory processing evaluation

Our team has experience working with patients of all ages, making the process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for everyone. 

Treatments for Hearing Loss and Balance Disorders

After the testing is complete, your doctor will create a customized treatment plan to improve your hearing or balance.

Treatment options for adults:

●      Hearing aids
●      Hearing Assistive Technology Systems (HATS)
●      Cochlear implants
●      Osseointegrated bone conduction devices
●      Custom earmold products — hearing protection, swim/sleep/musician plugs and in-ear monitors

Treatment options for children:

●      Hearing Assistive Technology Systems (HATS)
●      Cochlear implants
●      Osseointegrated bone conduction devices
●      Hearing protection
●      Swim plugs

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Meet Our Physicians

The physicians at the Weill Cornell Medical Center’s Ear, Nose and Throat Department offer patients the highest level of safety and care. As a top-ranked academic medical center, you have access to our extensive network of specialists who provide seamless care throughout your treatment — to promote long-term physical and mental health.