Vascular and Lymphatic Malformations

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Vascular malformations are growths which are often present at birth (congenital) and are made up of blood vessels that can cause functional problems, cosmetic concerns and even discomfort. At Weill Cornell Medicine, we provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach for patients diagnosed with all blood vessel conditions.

Our teams work closely together with experts in dermatology, interventional radiology, hematology, neurosurgery and, otorhinolaryngology to provide the most current treatments for patients with these disorders. The goal of removing these lesions is to maintain and improve aesthetic appearance while minimizing complications and functional problems.

Vascular and Lymphatic Conditions We Surgically Treat

●      Hemangioma: This condition is a benign (noncancerous) tumor made of blood vessels. The most common form is seen in infants, infantile hemangioma, also known as a strawberry mark. Hemangiomas can occur anywhere in the body. They tend to gradually shrinkon their own as the child gets older. Treatment generally involves beta blockers, which are highly effective. Surgery may be required for lesions that form ulcers, bleed or do not regress.

●      Lymphatic malformations: These are a collection of lymph vessels that form a growing cluster of cysts or noncancerous growths that are filled with fluid. They often occur in the neck region and contain a combination of macrocysts or microcysts. When present in newborns, they can cause significant airway issues. They can occur anywhere in the body including the extremities, abdomen and chest. Treatment for lymphatic malformations includes observation, surgical debulking (removal of cysts) and sclerotherapy.

●      Arterio-venous malformations (AVM): These are abnormal  connections between arteries and veins. Most occur in the brain and the spinal cord, but they can occur anywhere in the body. Embolization and sclerotherapy are the most common treatments. In sclerotherapy, a liquid medicine is injected into the AVM to destroy the vessels and cause scars to form. In embolization coils are placed in the center of the AVM to help block blood flow.

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