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The NewYork-Presbyterian LeFrak Center for Robotic Surgery, in conjunction with Weill Cornell Medicine, is home to a partnership between the most technologically-advanced surgical robots available in New York City and the most experienced and dedicated surgical team based in the #1 hospital in NYC 17 years running. The Center is led by the internationally renowned surgeon, Dr. Jim C. Hu.

Our patient approach is on a dedicated and individual basis. Our clinical staff will provide a clear and compassionate guide for all possible treatment paths, and work to find the most minimally invasive options available for each patient.

We meet many of our patients across the tri-state area and beyond when they have been recently diagnosed with a complex urologic condition. Many of our patients will come to us scared and worried of what is to come. We provide un-paralleled support and follow-up care to ensure that our patients are safe and satisfied from the beginning to the end of their clinical care.

The state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology offered at NewYork-Presbyterian LeFrak Center for Robotic Surgery enable Weill Cornell Medicine physicians and patients to communicate about their condition with ease. Our procedure room includes a high definition monitor that allows patients undergoing prostate biopsies to visualize the MRI regions of interest fused to the prostate ultrasound image, as the physician does. Patient education of any risks and outcomes is key. We are proud to embrace robotically assisted and minimally invasive surgical practices that minimize the recovery time and post-op complications associated with traditional surgeries.




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What Our Patients Are Saying


"Dr Kashanian is the perfect Sherlock Holmes of all things urology. After 2 lost decades of futile internet searches and well-meaning well-wishers, I was resigned to all the problems down under. With heart-felt sensitivity and meticulous powers of observation & deduction, Dr. Kashanian systematically debugged my case. I can't thank Dr. Kashanian & staff highly enough. He has put life back into my life where earlier it was a reluctant resignation. Thank you for the amazing care."

Nov 17, 2020
Source: Healthgrades
Nick Golden

"He is an amazing doctor that has helped me dearly when other doctors told me there was nothing they could do."

Nov 09, 2020
Source: Google
Steve Ajello

"Feeling great the best Kidney Doc! I feel so blessed to have had Dr Del Pizzo perform the laparoscopic surgery / transplant of my left kidney to my older brother Tony back in March 2013... He had 2 failing kidneys and was just starting his dialysis. I flew up from south Fla, got checked out and made the no-brainer decision to step up amongst the 4 brothers and do the Kidney donation (Same blood 🩸 type as him, all went well - no issues. One night there, Incredible experience ... easy, painless surgery and recovery . I can not believe we are coming up on 8 years, what a special day . If I can ever help answer any questions for anyone ‘on the fence’ about being a donor don’t hesitate to contact me. Nothing better than the feeling you will have in saving a life. Amazing experience. My life has improved greatly - the experience provided me incredible physical & mental strength, Like an out of body experience, the Dr is truly gifted and can’t say enough good things about this experience.I have had amazing success at work and personally since donating my kidney I feel blessed every day and this life event was the best thing that ever happened. Tony is healthy as am I, every day we both are thankful for our health and highly recommend the Dr and the unreal Team at Weil Cornell. . Steve Ajello"

Oct 21, 2020
Source: Google
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