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What Our Patients Are Saying


Dr. Krieger is an amazing doctor who has help me resolve a sleep issue I have had for 15+ years. After my first appointment, I follower her advice and make remarkable improvements. I have met with her only 3 times so far and each time she reviews my current pattern and we collaboratively discuss how I can improve. She is an astute listener and very insightful as to what patterns to change. I am on oxygen for sleep and exertion. I would highly recommend her. She is the best of the best!

Aug 28, 2020
Source: Healthgrades
Patient Ik
Talking about Daniel A Barone, M.D.

I am so glad I contacted Dr Barone for sleeping difficulties. His warm personality coupled with his expertise put me at ease. He offered solid advice that worked and answered all my questions patiently. This is a professional whose experience helps people suffering from insomnia navigate out of that to better health. I highly recommend Dr. Barone.

Jul 18, 2020
Source: Healthgrades
Talking about Daniel A Barone, M.D.

If you like doctors who will BSing you and waste your time ceremoniously beating around the bush, then Dr. Barone is not the guy for you. Dr. Barone is one of the best doctors I have ever seen, and he will do whatever he can do help you. Narcolepsy was ruining my life (I was falling asleep at the wheel, struggling to stay awake during meetings), and very single doctor I saw before him always wrote it off as "depression" without even giving it a second thought (so much for their perfect bedside manner. Useless). As soon as I saw Dr. Barone and told him my symptoms, he immediate knew it was Narcolepsy. He sent me for a sleep study, and sure enough it was. Now that I am finally getting the correct treatment, my life has changed significantly for the better. I have gotten more done in the past year than I have in the past decade, and it is because Dr. Barone was willing to listen and get to the bottom of what was wrong. He's truly amazing. I seriously can't thank him enough.

Jun 17, 2020
Source: Healthgrades
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