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Preventive care is the best way to improve your cardiovascular health by reducing the likelihood of a heart attack, heart disease or stroke. With preventative care, you will understand your health in detail, as well as how you can best care for yourself to achieve the full, active and productive life you want.

Here to Help You Achieve Optimum Health

We understand that knowledge is power and leads to better patient engagement and outcomes. That is why we focus on patient education and work with you to establish your health goals. With consideration of your unique work and lifestyle realities, our advice and strategies are personalized to achieve long-term changes in your heart health.

Initial evaluation: All cardiologists at our center are experts in evaluating the symptoms and risks associated with heart disease in women. All our patients receive an in-depth cardiovascular evaluation completed by one of our women’s cardiology experts.

This evaluation may include:

Our team will provide you with a cardiovascular assessment and personalized risk factor evaluation. This evaluation, along with a thorough physical exam, enables our cardiologists to determine your risk factors and develop an individualized plan to reduce the probability of heart disease, as well as improve your overall cardiovascular health.

Understand your numbers and risk factors: Your cardiologist will help you understand your health in detail. This will include education about your specific risk factors, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. You will also learn and understand how your daily choices help improve your heart health.

Personalized plan for your health and lifestyle: Diet, lifestyle and stress are important factors for heart health. Our cardiologists understand that these are highly personal and unique to you and your life.

The Women’s Heart Program cardiologists are dedicated to getting to know each patient individually to design a care plan that works with her specific lifestyle and long-term health goals. Your preventive care plan may include:

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Whether you visit us virtually through a video visit or you see us in person, you can be assured that we will deliver the highest standards of care with compassion. We see each patient as an individual, and we will provide personalized care with a listening ear. Our team has taken every step to keep our facilities safe for you to continue your care. Learn more about our safety measures and the changes we’ve made to enhance your patient experience.

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