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Lower Manhattan
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New York, NY 10038
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What Our Patients Are Saying

Leean Saveker

"Dr. Huang is by far the best doctor we have ever encountered. I have two pre-mature twins, who need special attention and care. Dr. Huang was extremely caring and loving to the twins. I highly recommend Dr. Huang for three reasons: 1) Dr. Huang is very patient and caring: she took her time to talk to us every time, as if we were the only patient she has; she called us to check in proactively multiple times when my son was coughing. 2) Dr. Huang is very professional: she gave us wonderful suggestions and acted quickly when the twins needed special drugs given their premature status; 3) Dr. Huang is very responsible and responsive: she replies to my messages almost instantly; she calls me when she saw notes from other doc’s visits to check in; she puts our mind at ease when we needed. The kids and the entire family are very grateful."

May 07, 2021
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I K.

"Dr. Huang is an incredibly caring, detailed, knowledgeable and responsive pediatrician. While we were still expecting, we met with Dr. Huang and chose her as the care provider for our newborn given her years of experience, patience, and wealth of knowledge in helping us prepare for all the necessary appointments once the baby was born. As new parents we literally have 20+ questions each appointment and dozens of one-off questions between appointments, and Dr. Huang has taken the time to thoroughly answer them all and on top of that has provided additional references and resources wherever possible. Once the baby arrived, Dr. Huang's continuing support of our baby's health and progress has given us a great amount of comfort and she has also made sure to check-in on our own mental health and wellbeing as first-time parents. Having a baby during the pandemic has been so difficult, and we are so grateful that Dr. Huang has been our doctor through all of this - she is truly passionate about caring for her patients and she has helped us navigate through so much with our baby."

Apr 01, 2021
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Daniel H.

"Dr. Huang is the best! She came highly recommend by friends when we were looking for a pediatrician. During a prenatal pediatrics visit, we saw that her office was nice and clean and that Dr. Huang and her staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Since then, she has been caring, attentive, extremely patient and the baby seems to really like her."

Mar 31, 2021
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