Video Visits for Weill Cornell Medicine Patients

Weill Cornell Medicine now offers Video Visits — delivering modernized, seamless, and high-quality care — for unparalleled convenience.

Benefits of Video Visits:

  • Available for adults and children
  • Quick, convenient access to care
  • Many of our clinical services offer follow-up appointments via Video Visits
  • Eliminates travel time, commuter delays
  • No time off work required
  • More accessible for patients with mobility issues or recovering from surgery
  • All Video Visits provide the same level of expert care from our board-certified experts 

If you are interested in setting up a Video Visit for yourself or your child, contact your provider.

You must call your physician’s office to schedule a Video Visit. See below for a full list of participating practices.

Participating Specialties

Several specialties offer Video Visits for existing patients for follow-up appointments and mild, non-emergency conditions and health concerns.

Cardiothoracic Surgery (Heart Surgery)

• Call to schedule a Video Visit: (212) 746-5166.
Learn more about Cardiothoracic Surgery (Heart).

Cardiothoracic Surgery (Thoracic Surgery)

• Call to schedule a Video Visit: (212) 746-5166.
• Learn more about Cardiothoracic Surgery (Lung).

Integrative Health

• Call to schedule a Video Visit: (646) NYP-WELL (697-9355).
• Learn more about Integrative Health.

Pain Management

• Call to schedule a Video Visit: (646) 962-PAIN (7246).
Learn more about Pain Management.

Primary Care for Children and Adults (Internal Medicine)

• Call to schedule a Video Visit: (646) 962-7300.
• Learn more about Primary Care.


• Call to schedule a Video Visit: (646) 962-2820.
• Learn more about Psychiatry.

Sleep Medicine

• Call to schedule a Video Visit (646) 962-REST (7378).
• Learn more about Sleep Medicine.

Tobacco Treatment

• Call to schedule a Video Visit: (646) 962-7848.
• Or email

Accessing Your Video Visit

If you need help accessing your video visit, you can find step-by-step instructions in our Video Visit Guide.

View the Video Visit Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Video Visit?

A: Video Visits enable patients to have follow-up appointments virtually — helping our patients access care more conveniently.

Using a mobile device, the Weill Cornell Medicine app, and a secure internet connection, patients speak with their provider one-on-one, receiving the same high-quality care as an in-person appointment.

Q: Does my physician offer Video Visits?

A: Video Visits are available to existing patients at Weill Cornell Medicine. See the full list of specialties offering Video Visits.

Q: Can I schedule a Video Visit for my child?

A: Yes. If your child is currently a patient of one of our Pediatric Primary Care specialists, you can schedule a follow-up Video Visit by calling your pediatrician’s office.

If your child is not an existing patient, schedule your first visit.

Q: Which conditions are treated with Video Visits? What is not treated?

A: Video Visits are intended for follow-up appointments for minor conditions, including fever and flu. Severe conditions require an in-person appointment.

Q: Can I use Video Visits for Urgent Care? Emergency Care?

A: Video Visits are intended for follow-up appointments. Urgent and emergency care are not available via Video Visits. Please visit Weill Cornell Emergency Medicine for more information about urgent and emergency treatment.

Q: How much does a Video Visit cost? Does my insurance cover Video Visits?

A: Video Visits have the same insurance coverage as in-person appointments. Your copay is the same. Your deductible still applies. Please contact your provider for more information about cost and insurance coverage.

Q: Will I be able to speak to my physician during a Video Visit?

A: Yes. You will speak one-on-one with your Weill Cornell Medicine provider. You will receive the same high-quality care as an in-person appointment.

Q: How do I schedule a Video Visit?

A: If you or your child are not currently a patient at Weill Cornell Medicine Center, schedule your first appointment.

If you are an existing patient, call your Weill Cornell Medicine provider’s office directly to schedule a Video Visit. Your provider’s office will assist you in scheduling your Video Visit, similarly to an in-person appointment, and you will receive the same reminders.

Q: How do I access my Video Visit?

A: Please download our Video Visits Instructional Guide to learn how to prepare for, access, and navigate your Video Visit.