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Clinical Services: General Surgery
Northwest Brooklyn
506 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Mon-Fri 09:00am - 05:00pm
(718) 780-3288
Northwest Brooklyn
263 7th Avenue, Suite 5A
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Mon-Fri 09:00am - 05:00pm
(718) 246-8600
Sunset Park
769 54th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220
Mon-Fri 09:00am - 05:00pm
(718) 851-0495

The Department of Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital offers a variety of procedures involving surgical techniques that include laparoscopy, endoscopy, robotics, and other cutting-edge surgical technologies. Our faculty, staff, and residents are dedicated to providing high-quality patient care, generating new knowledge, and educating the next generation of surgeons and teachers. Basic, clinical and translational research in Surgery motivates us to produce new knowledge and ground-breaking approaches to treatments. 

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is affiliated with Weill Cornell Medicine-an ivy league medical school that is among the nation's best in patient care, medical education, and research. This Hospital is also a member of the NewYork-Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network, which provides access to top-ranking physicians and comprehensive resources, including some of the best thought leaders in the medical field.

Today, the Department of Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital consists of the following surgical services:

Bariatric Surgery

Breast Cancer Services

Endocrine Surgery

General Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, The Department of Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is a community teaching hospital affiliated with Weill Cornell Medicine, serving Brooklyn and metro New York residents.

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What Our Patients Are Saying


"Dr Merianos performed the Nuss Procedure on our 14 year old, march 2022. From start to finish everything went smoothly & successfully, and this was in the middle of a pandemic. Our son is recuperating beautifully & despite all our worries before the surgery, we are very happy with the results and would do it again."

Mar 29, 2022
Source: Healthgrades

"Dr. Merianos was wonderful! He took his time with my son and answered all our questions before we even asked them! I feel very confident in him and would recommend him in a heartbeat! Wonderful experience!"

Mar 19, 2022
Source: Healthgrades
Yaroslava Poleshko

"My daughter is the second child of twins who had a perforated stomach ulcer on the 7th day after birth and underwent surgery on the same day. Over time, the child grew up, periodic abdominal pain began. Now my daughter is 16. Over the past 2 years, we had to go to doctors about 6 times, 4 of them was in emergency. But no one could understand the cause of such a sharp pain, it all started with a stabbing pain, then constant vomiting, exhaustion. It was scary to see your child suffer, and no one understood the reason. Last year, she had the same symptoms, and the doctors concluded that it was appendicitis, did an appendectomy. A year later, everything happened again for Maria. Finally, we got to Dr. Merianos, at that time she had an obstruction of the small intestine, I was in a panic, we were very afraid to have surgery, because there was no understanding of what was inside under the scar from childhood there were big risks. Because of my fear, we decided to postpone the surgery but two months later the symptoms was repeated. After an in-depth analysis of all the previous medical research of the past years, Dr. Merianos, like a true detective, found the cause of our unhappiness and pain. We are very happy that we decided to have surgery, my daughter was also worried about additional scars on her body, but the doctor is just an incredible master, he did everything almost imperceptibly. We are grateful to him for his professionalism, care and high level of qualification. I want no one to be afraid to entrust their child to such a professional, rest assured that they will do everything possible for your child. Grateful again to Dr. Merianos."

Feb 20, 2022
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