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Empowering Teens to Be Their Own Health Advocates

When a parent takes a teen to the doctor for an annual physical, the awkwardness can be…palpable. Who should be asking questions of the physician? When is time for parents to step back, so their teens start advocating for their own health? David Laufgraben, MD, assistant professor of clinical pediatrics, Weill Cornell Medicine, addresses these questions, and discusses ways parents can begin to turn medical appointments over to their children.

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Patient-Centered Approach in Treating Thymoma

The mass—called a thymoma—was benign, but would need to be removed. Never having experienced more than stitches from dental work, Amara was overwhelmed by the idea of a surgery and a week in the hospital. But Dr. Altorki and his staff helped Amara and Alex understand the procedure.

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Podcast: Food Allergies and Anaphlyaxis

Chandrika Sridharamurthy, M.D. discusses common food allergies and the causes of anaphylaxis. She discusses the high-risk factors for severe allergies and common triggers for anaphylaxis. She also goes into the latest treatment options for children suffering severe allergies.

black doctor giving younger patient vaccine shot

Podcast: The Importance of Childhood Vaccines

David Laufgraben, M.D. discusses the importance of childhood vaccines. In this time of COVID-19, your child’s vaccinations are more important than ever. He discusses the immunization schedule used to ensure that your child receives all their necessary vaccines, as well as the common immunization myths and misconceptions.

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Podcast: Developmental Red Flags

Sherry Huang, M.D discusses developmental milestones that children should hit at each age. She shares red flags for developmental delays and how to work with your pediatrician to seek early intervention. She offers resources for parents, including important home strategies you can practice now to help your child stay on track and thrive.

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Answering Initial Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Information about the Covid-19 vaccine is developing, and we will update you as it becomes available. Here are some answers to initial questions about the vaccine.

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Caring for Someone Isolating at Home with COVID-19

Although the virus that causes COVID-19 poses unique challenges because of contagion, starting with basic caretaking support is good first step.

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Podcast: Routine Care for the Whole Family

In this episode of Kids Health CastJ. Christopher McCartie, M.D. discusses the importance of routine health care for the whole family. He shares why your loved ones should not delay care and the need to stay up to date with immunizations. Taking charge of your family’s health is more important than ever, and we want to reiterate that it is... Read More

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Keeping Up With Your COVID-19 Tests

In this second session of a three-part series sponsored by WCM and, we discussed what New Yorkers need to know about the current state of the pandemic and how we can take good care of ourselves.

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Staying Up to Date With Your Primary Care

One of the most effective healthcare tools we have in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic is to stay up to date with our medical care.