Healthy at Home: Building Strength, Nutrition and Resilience

Some patients who have suffered from the virus that causes COVID-19 have experienced medical complications after their hospital treatments ends. They’ve faced a range of challenges, from pulmonary and physical limitations, to cognitive impairment and sleep issues.

Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) isn’t leaving those patients to recover alone. It’s offering patients a multi-disciplinary recovery team that includes physicians, practitioners, and psychologists to make sure patients make a smooth medical transition after COVID-19. The team evaluates patients’ physical, emotional and cognitive needs—from a thorough medical exam, basic pulmonary and strength testing, to screenings for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.  

The post-COVID-19 recovery team also will verify that patients are taking the right medicines, have the equipment they need at home to continue their rehabilitation, and are referred to appropriate specialists, including physical therapy, acupuncture and mental health services.   

The WCM team has made it possible for patients recovering from COVID-19 to meet with the care team via Video Visits or in person.

Learn more about WCM’s post-COVID-19 recovery care in a webinar called, “Healthy at Home.”

The webinar features the following WCM experts:

  • Janet Lau, nutritionist, Integrative Health and Wellbeing Program
  • Dr. Jaspal Singh, director of interventional spine, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine; co-director, Weill Cornell Center for Comprehensive Spine Care; vice chairman and associate professor of clinical rehabilitation medicine, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Dr. Joel Stein, chairman, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, and professor of rehabilitation medicine

For more information, please visit here.