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What Our Patients Are Saying

Nettie Jones

Dr. Raymond Pastore has been my hematologist since 2015. He and his entire staff are a joy to be with the two,three times I see them. Dr Pastore is now the director of blood disorders. Dr Pastore is an amazing physician,when I met him he charmed me with his jovial personality and cool demeanor. At this time,he was more into his private practice,sharing an office with another doctor an oncologist. His patients received infusions in a room separate from the reception area. I think he was teaching at Weill Cornell part of the time. As a teacher myself,I appreciated the feelings of closeness he created this first visit with me. Appointments were met in a timely fashion. In time ,I witnessed many patients,most with very serious illinesses. Each of us were treated to a reception area that provided us with top of the line beverages,a library of relevant books and magazines provided to cause the wait to be pleasurable. Most of us were elderly. I suffer from conditions caused by three whole knee replacements,one a pulmonary embolism and deep vain thrombosis. I also have R/A and suffer chronic pain. Dr Pastore makes me feel secure,taking the fear out of the possibility of dying from internal bleeding. He is the son of a hematologist,a graduate of I think Princeton another top notch medical school and residences. His staff loves working with him,I know because I see precision team work over these five years. Before he left private practice to teach at the college,he actually would take calls from patients. Well those days are long gone as his position now as Director of Blood Disorders and faculty member and personal physician to patients ,he does not have much time for telephone calls from patients. Now, he has a nurse practioner to do such tasks and to assist him with the trememdous number of patients who like I will never think of leaving him. Dr Pastore visits with each patient and sometimes family members in his private office. My disorder is not as serious as many of his patients. Once I could not get my zarelto because of insurance denials. He actually sent me samples this medicine by one of his assistants who lived near me in Brooklyn. Once I had a problem at the New York University Dental School and he took the the time to write a very thorough letter that solved the problem. There is more I could say here but,I think you have gotten the point. Dr Raymond Pastore is a special physician because he is a special man whom I am fortunate to call my doctor. He is the best of the best!

Dec 27, 2021
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Steve Shapiro

From the minute you walk into his office and are greeted by the receptionist you immediately feel Welcome. The medical Assistant walked over to me and did my vitals and then asked me to wait . In a minute Dr Pastore walked over and greeted me with incredible warmth. His demeanor is incredible. He is an extraordinary physician and a terrific diagnostician. The office runs Like a well oiled machine Absolutely six stars

Jan 02, 2021
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It was a procedure! The doctor was wonderful. He explained what he was doing the entire time. He made me feel at ease.

Dec 06, 2020
Source: Healthgrades
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