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Cancers affecting the liver, bile duct and gallbladder are complex conditions that require expert care and a multidisciplinary approach.

At Weill Cornell Medicine, our team has the expertise, training and compassion to provide each and every patient with the personalized care needed for liver cancer, tumors and conditions. Our highly trained and experienced surgeons perform more minimally invasive liver surgeries than any other program in the New York City metro area. 

We understand that a liver cancer or tumor diagnosis is overwhelming. At Weill Cornell Medicine, our compassionate team is here to help you and your loved ones feel empowered with information and knowledge, as well as support your physical and emotional health before, during and after surgery.

Multidisciplinary, Personalized Care for Liver Cancer and Tumor Surgery 

The Weill Cornell Medicine Liver Cancer and Tumor Program offers patients with liver cancer or tumors personalized treatment. We excel in early diagnosis, minimally invasive interventions, surgical services and palliative treatment with a team of physicians and surgeons. Our team includes:

●      Liver surgeons

●      Medical oncologists who specialize in liver cancer

●      Radiation oncologists who specialize in liver cancer

●      Interventional radiologists who specialize in liver cancer

●      Hepatologists

●      Nurse practitioners and physician assistants who specialize in liver conditions

Diagnosing and Understanding Liver Cancer and Tumors

As our patient, you will benefit from this highly collaborative and multidisciplinary care. Using the most advanced technology and approaches, we excel at diagnosing liver cancer and tumors as early as possible.

If a diagnosis is confirmed, our surgeons work closely with other specialists to determine the stage (extent) and exact location of the liver cancer or tumor. This is a critical step for determining the most effective treatment plan.

A Personalized Treatment Plan

After collaborating with your care team, your liver surgeon will tell you about the best surgical options for you and your long-term health. You will then discuss what to expect during and after your surgery, as well as throughout the other recommended treatments.

Liver Cancers and Tumors We Care For

Liver tumors (also called hepatic tumors) are growths or cysts that occur on or in the liver. These can be benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous). The Weill Cornell Medicine Liver Cancer and Tumor Program treats all types of benign and malignant liver tumors — including complex and rare cases.

We provide excellent surgical treatment and multidisciplinary care for all liver cancers and tumors, including:

●      Hepatocellular carcinoma

●      Colon, esophageal, small intestinal and breast cancers that have spread to the liver

●      Sarcoma involving the liver

●      Renal cell cancers involving the liver and inferior vena cava

●      Neuroendocrine tumors involving the pancreas and liver

●      Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer)

●      Gallbladder carcinoma

●      Pediatric (child and adolescent) liver cancers

Experienced and Compassionate Surgical Care

Our team is part of one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers and partners with NewYork-Presbyterian, one of the top hospitals in New York. As our patient, you will benefit from receiving care from a cohesive team of experts at a leading academic medical center because you will have access to the most advanced technology and techniques, as well as receive care from physicians who are leaders in the fields.

At the Weill Cornell Medicine Liver Cancer and Tumor Program, we treat each patient individually. Your specific liver cancer or tumor, as well as your long-term health goals are unique — so your treatment is too.

Your care team will develop a treatment plan specifically for your health. At Weill Cornell Medicine, our surgeons are highly trained experts in removing cancer in the liver. We offer a wide range of advanced techniques for diagnosing and treating liver cancer, liver metastases (spread of cancer from other areas of the body) and bile duct cancer.

Your unique treatment plan may include:

Surgical treatments: Surgery is often the best option for patients with a healthy liver and small tumors (growths) that have not spread. Sometimes, a small area of the liver can be removed. This is called a hepatectomy or liver resection. A liver transplant may also be very effective for small tumors or for patients with an underlying liver disease, such as cirrhosis.

Nonsurgical treatments: Our interventional radiologists and radiology oncologists who specialize in liver cancer and tumors provide nonsurgical treatments, including:

●      Ablation treatments (minimally invasive procedure to remove cancerous cells), including microwave and radiofrequency ablation to remove the cancer or tumors.

●      Embolization treatments, which may include chemotherapy (transarterial chemoembolization).

●      Radiation therapy, including transarterial radiation therapy and stereotactic body radiation therapy, which delivers a targeted dose of radiation to the tumor.

●      Targeted therapy to treat specific factors associated with cancer growth. Special tests may be needed to determine these factors, as all tumors are not alike.

●      Immunotherapy, which uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells in the liver. The immune system protects and defends the body against bacteria and viruses which cause disease.

Advanced Technology and Techniques for Liver Cancer and Tumor Treatment 

If surgery is part of your liver cancer or tumor treatment plan, our surgeons will determine the best approach for your specific condition, health goals and long-term health. When appropriate, we use minimally invasive treatment options, which benefit patients with a smaller incision (cut), faster recovery and less pain.

Our surgeons are experts in the most advanced surgical techniques for treating liver cancer or tumors, including laparoscopic and robotic surgery techniques. We perform the most minimally invasive liver surgeries in the region.

Remote Second Opinion

If you would like a remote second opinion, we can connect you with expert physicians and specialists at Weill Cornell Medicine.

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