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Your dialysis care is vital for you to live the full, vibrant life you want. At Weill Cornell Medicine, our vascular surgeons offer the most advanced solutions for your long-term well-being.

For patients with chronic kidney disease that progresses to kidney failure, dialysis is used to filter blood. There are different types of dialysis available, but all remove blood from the body through the dialysis circuit and filter the blood before returning it to the body.

Catheters (long, thin tubes) are often used for dialysis. Sometimes, however, potential complications arise when using catheters. When this happens, our team is ready to provide other types of dialysis access as soon as possible.

Leading Surgeons and Collaborative Care for Dialysis Access

Our team provides other types of access for dialysis, including arteriovenous fistulas (AVF) or arteriovenous grafts (AVG).

AVFs and AVGs are connections between the arteries and veins, usually in a patient’s arm, that allow a high flow of blood at a relatively low pressure, through which blood can be both removed and returned to the body. Our surgeons are skilled at the surgical creation and maintenance of these AVFs and AVGs to help our patients achieve the best possible health and well-being.

Additionally, our interest in advancing patient-centered care led us to advance standards for percutaneous creation of arteriovenous fistulas, a minimally invasive procedure in which no incisions are made in the arm during creation of the fistula.

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