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Detect Cancers Early With Regular Screening Tests

Taking charge of your health matters, especially as COVID-19 surges. You can do this with regular cancer screening, which can detect cancers early, when they are most treatable or even curable.

Understanding Lung Cancer: The Basics of Screening and Treatment

Lung cancer is one of the world’s most common and deadliest cancers, making public education regarding its risk factors, symptoms and screening recommendations a top priority.The collective hope is that raising lung cancer awareness may increase the likelihood of early detection in more patients, as well as garner support and funding for lung cancer research. Raising awareness and funds has the potential to ultimately improve outcomes for the disease.“Lung cancer has decreased in terms of... Read More

Podcast: Lung Cancer Research and Therapy

Learn more about hot topics in lung cancer – including screening, immunotherapy, vaping and more – in this episode of CancerCast: Conversations About New Developments in Medicine, Cancer Care and Research.

International Influence: Mentoring an Early-Career Oncologist from Bangladesh

Having witnessed both his mother and grandmother suffer from breast cancer, Dr. Arunangshu Das pursued a career as an oncologist with the hope of improving the lives of others with the disease. Dr. Das now treats breast cancer — along with head and neck, lung and gastrointestinal cancers — at Square Hospitals Limited in Bangladesh.

Lung Cancer Survivors’ Advice for Finding the Right Doctor

For two lung cancer survivors who sought treatment at Weill Cornell Medicine, choosing the right doctor didn’t just make them feel more comfortable — it was a matter of life and death.