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Due to recent concerns surrounding the coronavirus, if you or someone you know has recently returned from mainland China, please call your physician's office to schedule your appointment.
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Weill Cornell Medicine's rheumatologists offer the highest quality care for patients with a wide variety of rheumatic disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis and other joint diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus, vasculitis syndromes, gout, and others. Since rheumatological diseases are often associated with other conditions, our goals are to provide individualized treatment based on each person's medical profile and to make every attempt to help each patient find relief.

Our rheumatology staff focuses not only on our patients' "aches and pains", but on the whole person. We offer many activities that involve our patients, including support groups (LupusLine, Charla de Lupus and Myositis), clinical trials, lectures to enhance the patient-physician relationship, and the hospital's Voices program, which assists patients with various managed care issues.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Talking about Weijia Yuan, M.D.

"Are we talking about the same doctor?? I read the reviews for Dr. Yuan. 5 minutes, 10 minutes wait, what a misleading info, not true at all. you wait at least one hour and you have 10 minutes with the doctor. Always in a rush, because too many booked appointment and not enough time. True, she wants the best for you and is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable but does not really bother to guide you in your search for the right medicine or the right thing to do for your disease, no time for that. A call back, very rarely but she will always write back if you ask her something. Just to reach someone to leave a message is not easy, only a recording where messages are ignored. I have to tell it like it is because what I read, I did not experience it at all, it's like we are talking about two different doctors. The doctor deserves 4 stars but the whole experience in that facility with the waiting time and the doctor in a rush, not more than 3 stars"

Apr 27, 2018
Source: Vitals
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