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Today, more than ever before, the health risks associated with obesity are widely recognized. The physicians and health professionals of the Weill Cornell Weight Loss Surgery program are concerned about how heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and even sleep disorders are often the consequences of excessive weight. We understand that losing weight can be very challenging, and while many people can succeed in achieving some weight loss, sustaining that weight loss or maintaining optimal weight is often difficult, and for some, impossible.

Our comprehensive program provides long-term solutions for people who continually struggle with their weight. Here, patients find counseling, medical obesity screening, surgery, if indicated, and extensive follow-up by an expert team of board-certified bariatric surgeons, advanced nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, and registered dietitians. We also offer support group meetings for anyone considering surgery, those who have had surgery, or for the patient's family members or friends.

Our world-renowned surgeons have pioneered innovative surgical procedures that are at the forefront of weight-loss techniques, as well as laparoscopic procedures for a broad range of digestive disorders. In fact, surgeons from all over the world travel to Weill Cornell to train under their direction. We specialize in minimally invasive bariatric surgery, enabling our patients to undergo weight-loss procedures that can be performed through small incisions, facilitating recovery. Most recently, the American College of Surgeons has accredited NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital as a Center of Excellence in bariatric surgery with the highest possible designation – the first program to be so named in New York State and one of only seven nationwide.