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GI Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

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Weill Cornell Medicine’s comprehensive weight loss surgery program provides long-term solutions for patients who continually struggle with their weight.

Ranked #14 nationwide, Weill Cornell Medicine’s Division of Gastrointestinal Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery is proud to partner with NewYork-Presbyterian, ranked #6 in the nation and #1 in NYC  by US News and World Report.

Our physicians are concerned about how heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and even sleep disorders are often the consequences of excessive weight. We understand it can be very challenging, and while many people can succeed in achieving some weight loss, sustaining that weight loss or maintaining optimal weight is often difficult, and for some, impossible. 

To help patients lose weight, we offer counseling, medical obesity screening, surgery, if indicated, and extensive follow-up by an expert team of board-certified bariatric surgeons, including gastric sleeve surgeons, as well as advanced nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, and registered dietitians.

GI Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in New York

Our world-renowned surgeons have pioneered innovative surgical procedures that are at the forefront of weight-loss techniques, as well as laparoscopic procedures for a broad range of digestive disorders. We specialize in minimally invasive bariatric surgery, enabling our patients to undergo weight-loss procedures that can be performed through small incisions, which facilitates faster recovery. At Weill Cornell Medicine, our weight loss surgery options include gastric bypass surgery and vertical sleeve gastrectomy, all performed at NewYork-Presbyterian, the #1 hospital in NYC 17 years in a row.

Most recently, the American College of Surgeons has accredited NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center as a Center of Excellence in bariatric surgery with the highest possible designation – the first program to be so named in New York State and one of only seven nationwide.

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Dr. Alfons Pomp, the chief of laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, describes the treatments he and his team of specialists offer, including weight-loss surgery and procedures in the esophagus and stomach.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Edward Czarnecki
Talking about Alfons Pomp, M.D.

"I can’t begin to say how much Dr. Pomp has done for me! In the last year, I had become unable to hold down any food and had lost an incredible amount of weight. At the end, I was unable to hold down Ensure. With that, I was dangerously dehydrated and was incredibly weak. After a test, it was apparent that I had an ulcer and it was blocking the entrance into my gastric pouch. Dr. Pomp said that he would be able to do a revision and that would free me of my problem. He promised with sometime, I would be able to eat again and be able to hold it down. Dr. Pomp was 100% a man to his word. I am now able to eat with the fear of getting sick. I feel so much better! Dr. Pomp is so professional and also has a great personality! I would definitely refer other patients to see him! Thank you Dr. Pomp for saving me!- Edward Czarnecki"

Aug 16, 2018
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Big Boyscu

"Dr. Dakin is extremely professional and very courteous. Under emergency circumstances his team reacted very swiftly ensuring my safety And pinpointing treatment options for a speedy recovery. I am very grateful To the entire team at Cornell for explaining the circumstances in great detail so I knew what to expect during the process. Thank you Dr. Dakin, Pyle, Natalie, Dr . Dahlia, And the rest of the entire staff."

Jul 25, 2018
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Pokemon Channel

"The Dr Afaneh and his staff are amazing. They answered my one million and one questions and were always very supportive. Dr Afaneh made me feel confident about my upcoming surgery. Update: had my surgery 06/07/2018. I didn’t have much pain after surgery and didn’t have to drink pain meds. The staff and Dr Afaneh were amazing! I’ve lost 21lbs since and can’t thank him enough. Recommend Dr Afaneh 100%"

Jul 04, 2018
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