Scalp and Hair Disorders

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At Weill Cornell Medicine Dermatology, our team includes several dermatologists who specialize in all types of hair and scalp disorders — including hair thinning, hair loss, and excessive hair growth.

We understand that a scalp or hair disorder can negatively impact one’s self-confidence. With compassionate and advanced medical treatment, we help each and every patient achieve the best possible results.

Cutting-edge medical treatments for outstanding aesthetic results: Our board-certified dermatologists are at the forefront of medical research and treatment trends for scalp and hair disorders. This ensures that our patients have access to the latest technology, treatment techniques, and best possible care for any disorder.

If a scalp or hair disorder is accompanied by pain, sensitivity, burning, or itching, consult a board-certified dermatologist as soon as possible. This may be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

Conditions We Treat

Scalp and hair disorders have a wide range of causes: genetics, hormonal imbalance, illness, and others. This can make these disorders difficult to diagnose and treat effectively.

Our expert dermatologists have the medical expertise to correctly determine whether or not there is an underlying medical cause, treat any medical issue effectively, improve the appearance of scalp and hair, as well as manage symptoms for the long term.

Our dermatologists specialize in treating:

● Hair loss in men and women

○ Androgenic alopecia (male or female pattern hair loss)
○ Alopecia areata
○ Scarring alopecia
○ Others

● Hair infections
● Scalp conditions

○ Dandruff
○ Scaling
○ Inflammation
○ Redness
○ Bumps

● Shedding
● Excessive hair growth (hypertrichosis and hirsutism)
● Hair loss related to autoimmune disorders or other diseases

Treatments: These disorders can be complex, but treatable. Our first goal is to establish an accurate diagnosis. Next, our expert physicians set attainable goals and establish a targeted treatment plan to achieve the best possible results. We work closely with our patients to manage symptoms and improve appearance over the long term.

We offer the latest treatments, including:

● Laser therapy
● Scalp injections
● Platelet-rich-plasma treatments
● Oral and topical medications, including prescription-strength medicated shampoos, antifungal medicines, cortisol creams, hormone medications, and others

Why Choose Weill Cornell Medicine for Scalp and Hair Disorder Treatment?

Unparalleled medical expertise: At Weill Cornell Medicine, all patients with a scalp or hair disorder are evaluated and treated by a board-certified dermatologist with additional, specialized experience treating these conditions.

Our patients rest assured that they receive a thorough medical evaluation, as well as treatment that is based on the latest medical research and knowledge. Our approach ensures the best possible health and overall appearance of the hair and scalp because it is anchored in the latest medical knowledge.

High volume of diverse patients: At Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Dermatology, our board-certified dermatologists diagnose and treat a high number of patients from diverse backgrounds and communities. Our team has proven success with the most complex and rare of cases, including difficult-to-treat hair and scalp disorders.

Most advanced treatments available: Our dermatologists use the most latest techniques and equipment, many of which are not available elsewhere in the region. This ensures the best possible aesthetic outcome for any scalp or hair disorder.