Rahul Sharma, M.D.
Emergency Medicine
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Rahul Sharma, M.D.

Emergency Medicine

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Gender: Male
Language: Hindi, English
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Board Certifications

  • Emergency Medicine

Clinical & Academic Positions

  • Associate Attending Physician - NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Associate Professor of Clinical Healthcare Policy and Research - Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University
  • Chairman of Emergency Medicine - Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University
  • Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine - Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University

Education & Training

  • M.B.A., Tufts University, 2001
  • M.D., Tufts University School of Medicine, 2001
  • B.A., Hofstra University, 1996


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Personal Statement

Rahul Sharma, MD, MBA, CPE, FACEP

Dr. Rahul Sharma is the inaugural Chairman of the academic Department of Emergency Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine and the Emergency Physician-in-Chief for New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is an Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and Healthcare Policy and Research. He oversees all academic and operational activities for the Department of Emergency Medicine and for the NYP-Weill Cornell Medical Center and NYP-Lower Manhattan Hospital Emergency Departments, which see over 145,000 annual patient visits. Dr. Sharma also serves as Chief and Medical Director of the NYP Emergency Medical Services (EMS) enterprise.

Dr. Sharma received a combined MD/MBA degree in Health Management from Tufts University School of Medicine and then completed his specialty training in Emergency Medicine at NYU Medical Center/Bellevue Hospital, where he was selected as Chief Resident. During his residency, he received several awards, including the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation Leadership Award and the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association (EMRA) National Leadership Award. Dr. Sharma previously served as the Executive Vice Chief of Emergency Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine. Prior to that, he served as the Medical Director and Associate Chief of Service for the Emergency Department at NYU Langone Medical Center.

As Emergency Physician-in-Chief, Dr. Sharma has devised and led several innovative Emergency Department and Hospital initiatives, which have significantly improved patient experience, core quality measures and overall operational efficiency. Dr. Sharma is a national leader in the field of telemedicine and virtual healthcare, launching the first Emergency Department based telehealth Express Care Service in the nation at NYP-Weill Cornell Medicine.  Dr. Sharma’s accomplishments in innovation have been featured in several national media platforms and academic journals, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, NEJM Catalyst, and JAMA. In 2017, he was the recipient of the Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Award. Dr. Sharma also spearheaded the first telemedicine and digital healthcare elective for medical students at Weill Cornell Medicine.

During Dr. Sharma’s tenure, the Department of Emergency Medicine has considerably advanced its academic and research efforts by developing clinical and translational research focused on the use of technology and innovation. Moreover, the Department of Emergency Medicine has more than doubled its number of clinical trials, peer reviewed faculty publications, and overall research and educational funding. Furthermore, Dr. Sharma led the launch of a comprehensive physician wellness program, which was recently featured at the National Academy of Medicine, in Washington, D.C.

As the recipient of two national teaching awards and the founder of several innovative programs, Dr. Sharma has an established record as a medical educator. He has been awarded the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association (EMRA) National Excellence in Teaching Award and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) National Faculty Teaching Award.  Dr. Sharma has founded and led several educational initiatives, including the first endowed Healthcare Leadership and Management (HLM) Scholars Program for medical students at Weill Cornell Medicine,  the first Physician Assistant Residency Program at NYP-Weill Cornell Medicine, the Emergency Medicine Inservice Board Review Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and the NYP-Weill Cornell Emergency Department Medical Scribe Program. He also serves as a strategic advisor and member of the core leadership team for the Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program offered by Weill Cornell Medicine and the Johnson School of Management.  

Dr. Sharma has an accomplished record of numerous publications in peer reviewed journals and has been an invited guest speaker at several national and international programs. He serves on the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)  National Emergency Medicine Practice Committee and National Quality and Patient Safety Committee.  In addition, he is an Oral Boards Examiner for the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) and has been certified as a Certified Physician Executive (CPE) by the Certifying Commission in Medical Management. Dr. Sharma has extensive experience in executive leadership and currently serves as the Vice President of the NYP Medical Board Weill Cornell Medical Center Executive Committee. He is also a graduate of the inaugural class of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School/Deloitte Consulting Physician Leadership Academy. 



Peer-reviewed journals and newsletters

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 Case Reviews

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Book Chapters

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  • AETNA - Medicare
  • Aetna - Weill Cornell - POS
  • Aetna-NYP - EPO/POS
  • Affinity Access
  • Affinity Health Plan
  • Amida Care
  • Blue Priority Network
  • Emblem Select Care
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield - PPO
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Pathway X
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Pathway X Enhanced
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Mediblue (Senior)
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield - HMO
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield - EPO
  • Empire Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield HealthPlus
  • Empire Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield HealthPlus - CHP
  • Fidelis Care
  • GHI - CBP
  • Health First
  • Health Insurance Plan of NY (HIP) - Medicare
  • Health Insurance Plan of NY (HIP) - Medicaid
  • Health Insurance Plan of NY (HIP)
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Oxford Health Plans - Liberty
  • Oxford Health Plans - Medicare Advantage
  • Oxford Health Plans - Freedom
  • Rockefeller University - CoreSource
  • UHC Compass
  • United Empire
  • United Health Care - Medicare
  • United Health Care
  • United Health Care - Community Plan
  • VNSNY CHOICE - Medicare
  • WellCare Health Plans

Honors and Awards

Honors and Awards

Co-Recipient, 2018 Intelligent Healthcare Assocation (IHA) Patient Care and Health Delivery Award and 2018 IHA Grand Award, 2018 HIMMS Conference, Las Vegas, NV

Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Award, 2017, ACEP Scientific Assembly

Aresty Scholar, Physician Leadership Academy, The Wharton School and Deloitte, 2017

Recipient, New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center Patient Centered Care Physician Champion Award, 2015

Co-Recipient, New York Presbyterian Hospital Patient Centered Care Corporate Team Achievement Award-Adult Emergency Department, 2015

Co-Recipient, NYULMC Quality and Safety Day 2014 Best Poster on "Improving Sepsis Care" in category of "Improved Quality"

Co-Recipient, NYULMC Quality and Safety Day 2013 Best Poster on "Emergency Department Follow up Center" in category of  "Keeping our Patients Safe"

National Faculty Teaching Award – 2010 American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

National Excellence in Teaching Award – 2008 Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association (EMRA)

Special Recognition Award from Weill Cornell Emergency Department Physician Assistants for outstanding service, 2009

Chief Resident, NYU/Bellevue Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine

Employee Recognition Committee Team Spotlight Award, NYU Medical Center, 2004

Emergency Medicine Residents' Association (EMRA) National Leadership Award, 2003

American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation Leadership Award, 2003

2003 EMRA Scholarship to the ACEP Leadership and Legislative Issues Conference

Obtained over $20, 000.00 in grants from the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) for educational and patient care purposes in the Bellevue Hospital Emergency Department

Co-Recipient, CIR Best Practices Award for Reducing Resident Work Hours  2003 Bellevue Emergency Department

Valedictorian, Department of Biology at Hofstra University, NY

Magna Cum Laude with High Honors in Biology

Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

Eagle Scout