Weill Cornell Medicine Partners With Hunters Point Park Conservancy to Bring Free Fitness Classes to Long Island City

We’re proud to be partners with the Hunters Point Park Conservancy to bring the Long Island City community a series of free fitness classes that will be available online this summer. As an academic medical community, we’re passionate about creating wellness opportunities in the neighborhoods we serve.

The Conservancy has a longstanding commitment to making fitness accessible for the community. More than 3,500 people participated in its fitness classes in 2019.

“The Conservancy is a natural partner for Weill Cornell Medicine,” says Moitri Savard, MD, FAAFP, medical director of primary care at Weill Cornell Medicine Primary Care-Long Island City. “This is an ideal opportunity to expand wellness and fitness opportunities, which have become an even greater priority since we began to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Although gatherings are still limited in New York City, this series is both a healthy and fun way to connect, Dr. Savard adds, particularly as Weill Cornell Medicine Primary Care-Long Island City welcomes new physicians to its practice and expands services at its Jacx Building location. The practice also will be working with another pediatrician in 2021.

“We certainly encourage kids and their families to keep moving and active this summer, especially in the context of COVID-19,” says Nicolina Wawrin, MD, pediatrician at primary care at Weill Cornell Medicine Primary Care-Long Island City. “This series of classes is something families can do together.”

The series launches June 16 and takes place weekly through September 4. Instructors welcome participants of all fitness levels, and will provide a range of classes, from barre to Zumba. The park’s website and social media channels will broadcast the live classes.

Class instructors will teach from a remote location. If you plan to enjoy the classes in a park or other public location, please wear a face covering and maintain a social distance of six feet between you and others. Gatherings are not permitted.

  • What: Zumba, Pilates, barre, and yoga classes with Hunters Point Parks Conservancy
  • When: June 16, 2020 through September 4, 2020 Here’s the full class schedule.
  • Where: Participants can use the park’s website or social media channels to access the classes. Tune in from any device.
  • Registration: To participate in a class, please register here.

Questions?: To find out about the services and physicians of Weill Cornell Medicine Primary Care Long Island City, visit us online. Learn more about the Hunters Point Park Conservancy.

Sponsored by Weill Cornell Medicine