Dr. Lisa Amatangelo on Current Vein Care Treatments

Passionate about helping others, Dr. Lisa Amatangelo, an Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine, began her career in family medicine. 

But when she followed up on a recommendation to learn more about sclera vein therapy, she realized that there was a great demand for new and advanced vein treatment options.

Dr. Amantangelo later went on to work as the co-director of Weill Cornell Vein Treatment Center. This unique opportunity to evolve with the specialty has allowed her to become one of the leaders within the industry.

Dr. Amantangelo said she’s motivated by her desire to help others and to build a relationship with her patients.

“The source for my passion in medicine…is just helping people  and seeing that what you can do can make their lives better,” she said, adding: “I think one of the most enjoyable parts of medicine is just creating that patient-physician relationship.”

Learn more about Dr. Amantangelo by watching the video above.

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