The Hypertension Center, within the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, is one of the few hypertension practices in the United States dedicated to the investigation and treatment of all forms of Hypertension.  The Cornell Hypertension Center was started over 35 years ago by Dr. John Laragh, a pioneer in the field of hypertension.  The central premise of the Center is that hypertension is a heterogeneous disorder; that all patients with hypertension can be evaluated and characterized based on hemodynamic, hormonal and biochemical features, and that treatment should be mechanistically based and tailored to each patient.

Hypertension affects more than one billion people worldwide and has been termed the “silent killer”.  Our mission at the Hypertension Center is to provide comprehensive care to our patients, including evaluation for causes of hypertension and management of cardiovascular risk factors. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, hormonal profiling, pulse wave analysis, and complete cardiovascular evaluation are available. Existing data show that most people worldwide do not have their blood pressures well controlled. The patients managed at our internationally acclaimed Hypertension center do much better than the national average with respect to blood pressure control, and are significantly better protected from the ravages of uncontrolled blood pressure.