Heart Surgery for Older Adults

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Many cardiothoracic surgery centers will not operate on patients over age 80, considering them to be at high risk for complications. At Weill Cornell Medicine, we frequently treat patients over 80 with complex cases—and have garnered a reputation as experts in doing so.

Weill Cornell Medicine’s unique approach

As with all patients, the care of older patients requires a team approach. Elderly patients often have other medical conditions that need to be considered and addressed.

One of the most common complications of heart surgery for elderly patients is stroke. Our surgeons have conducted pioneering research to minimize this risk with proper blood pressure management during surgery. With this approach, we dramatically lower the potential for a stroke.

Elderly patients who require valve replacement and repair may benefit from minimally invasive percutaneous approaches that obviate the need for conventional surgery. Weill Cornell played a leading role in pivotal clinical trials establishing the effectiveness of this approach, and therefore has more expertise in this technique than many other New York-area hospitals.

Our elderly patients benefit from:

●   Our collaborative approach to patient care, which brings together a team of specialists—including cardiologists, anesthesiologists, neurologists, and others—to provide comprehensive treatment

●   Access to the entire care team at one convenient location

●   Highly communicative care team, who ensure that everyone is up to date on the care and treatment plan

●   Dedicated tam of nurses with exceptional experience caring for elderly heart surgery patients

●   Rehabilitation, nutritional guidance, social support, and other services to ensure the most successful recovery possible