Center for Female Pelvic Health

Clinical Services: Urology
Upper East Side
525 East 68th Street, Suite F9 West
New York, NY 10065
(646) 962-0715
(646) 962-9600

Our newly established Center for Female Pelvic Health is located in the recently renovated F9-West suite of Weill Cornell Medicine/New York-Presbyterian Hospital on the upper east side of Manhattan. Under the direction of Dr. Patrick Culligan, the Center is quickly becoming home to the most advanced clinical care and research in the field of Female Urology/Urogynecology. The Center provides female patients with comprehensive and educational analysis on an individual basis, in order to determine and execute personalized treatment paths.

If you have any questions about the Center for Female Pelvic Health, or you would like to make an appointment, please contact our office at (646) 962-9600.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Robin Weber
Talking about Patrick Culligan, MD

"I traveled to NJ to see this sensitive knowledgeable surgeon and gave me an estrogen ring to correct my post menopausal atrophy. I am comfortable with his bedside manner and is the best doctor I have seen. He is a great surgeon and cares about his patients. He is the best in the field i"

Dec 07, 2020
Source: Healthgrades
Talking about Patrick Culligan, MD

"Excellent and thorough surgeon!! Dr. Culligan performed my first surgery for incontinence which was successful for about 10 yrs until I started to see some decline which is apparently quite rare. He left his NJ practice to go to NY and I wound up seeing his replacement. Unfortunately, my incontinence grew much worse and I wasn't seeing any improvement. I decided to find Dr. Culligan and see what his assessment of the situation was. Like his other patients, he spent time with pictures and explanations of my options and finally operated on me. I had no pain, was back to my normal routine in 2 weeks which is apparently quite rare, and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Culligan appeared informed and knowledgeable on new and developing procedures which was comforting to me and gave me little concern for error. Professional and well-run office and I definitely recommend Dr. Culligan."

Dec 01, 2020
Source: Healthgrades
Talking about Patrick Culligan, MD

"Dr. Patrick Culligan performed robotic surgery on me at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ. I had a prolapsed bladder and uterus which had gotten worse over the years. He was very good at explaining my choices and printed out diagrams of the anatomy for me to take home. He spoke to my daughter, who is a medical professional, and was very open and willing to discuss her concerns. The surgery and recuperation went well. I recommend him highly and wish I had seen him sooner."

Nov 10, 2020
Source: Healthgrades
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