Cardiac Tumors

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Cardiac (heart) tumors are most often benign or noncancerous. They have the potential, however, to become cancerous, and their presence may interfere with normal heart function and possibly cause a stroke. A cardiac tumor requires immediate and careful treatment.

Imaging and surgical expertise at Weill Cornell Medicine

The Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery has exceptional experience detecting and treating benign and cancerous cardiac tumors.

Benign tumors: Our surgeons are experienced in removing benign tumors of the heart, such as myxomas and fibroelastomas. The most common benign heart tumor is a myxoma, an abnormal growth of neoplastic tissue, which can block valves or cause a stroke.

Malignant (cancerous) tumors: Malignant heart tumors—typically sarcomas—are less common and require careful consideration. Our heart surgeons are experienced in removing resectable tumors of the great vessels and the heart.

Our surgeons will review your findings with you and help guide you toward the proper treatment. Careful analysis of the imaging is required to ensure that we can perform a complete resection of the tumor.

Why choose Weill Cornell Medicine?

●   Our record of excellent outcomes—among the best in the nation—with very low rate of complications

●   Our surgical team works with each patient to develop an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan

●   Access to world-class imaging technology for the most accurate diagnosis possible

●   Collaboration with our Department of Oncology, as well as our partner hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center