Cancer Rehabilitation

Clinical Services: Rehabilitation Medicine
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Cancer treatments have come a long way, leading to more people surviving their diagnosis. But while chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other treatments have prolonged lives, they can also have negative impacts on the body, including neuropathy, a painful pins-and-needles sensation, to lymphedema, a severe swelling of a limb after surgery.

At Weill Cornell Medicine, our cancer musculoskeletal specialists aim to improve patients’ quality of life using a holistic, empathetic and patient-centric approach.

Our cancer rehabilitation physician focuses on patients’ bone, muscle, and nerve health and works with their oncologists, as well as physical and occupational therapists, to develop individualized treatment plans.

Treatments may involve diet and lifestyle modifications like an “anti-inflammatory diet” and exercise regimens, as well as medications, imaging to look for the spread of cancer and injections administered with the help of an ultrasound for the most accurate placement.

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation  
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