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If your quality of life has been diminished by an injury, illness, disability, chronic pain or physical impairments, our team is here to help. Our rehabilitation medicine physicians have partnered the top therapy teams who are dedicated to helping patients maximize physical function, decrease or eliminate pain, foster independence and improve your ability to live the full, active life you want.

The rehabilitation medicine team at Weill Cornell Medicine will carefully assess your situation and prescribe a regimen of physical, occupational, or speech and language therapies that best meet your needs.

Why Choose Weill Cornell Medicine?

Convenient, individualized care: Our rehabilitation medicine team works closely with physical and occupational therapists to help improve your mobility, flexibility, strength, function and comfort, by designing a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.

Focus on empowering our patients: We are passionate about educating our patients. We empower you with information, exercises and other tools so that you can manage and improve your health, as well as make confident decisions about your care.

Conditions We Treat

Our team help patients regain body functions they may have lost due to neurological impairment, a developmental condition, injury or surgery.

Rehabilitation Therapy by Leading Experts

Our team at Weill Cornell Medicine collaborates closely with therapists at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and private therapy offices to provide the most advanced and comprehensive rehabilitation options available, including:

●      Physical therapy: Physical therapy (PT) can help improve your blood flow, help with flexibility, reduce swelling, increase relaxation or manage your pain levels. Your physical therapist will guide you through specific stretches and exercises that are meant to help you move and feel better. Your joints and muscles may be moved through various stretches by the therapist to increase your range of motion and flexibility. They may also use other techniques such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound.

●      Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy (OT) helps you relearn the skills of daily living, such as taking care of yourself, getting dressed, writing and improving balance and coordination. Your occupational therapist will address the physical, cognitive and emotional challenges brought on by your illness or injury. They will work with you to find ways to help you engage in the things you want and need to do.

●      Speech and language therapy: Speech and language pathologists treat speech, language, social communication, memory, thinking and learning issues, as well as swallowing disorders. Using the most innovative diagnostic and communication technologies available, your therapist will develop a treatment plan for coping with speech and language barriers.

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Whether you visit us virtually through a video visit or you see us in person, you can be assured that we will deliver the highest standards of care with compassion.

Meet Our Physicians

The physicians at the Weill Cornell Department of Rehabilitation Medicine offer patients the highest level of safety and care. As a top-ranked academic medical center, you have access to our extensive network of specialists who provide seamless care throughout your treatment — to promote long-term physical and mental health.