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Clinical Services: Trauma, Burns, Acute and Critical Care
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At Weill Cornell Medicine, we stand ready to provide the full spectrum of care for the most severely injured and critically ill patients, from the first minutes after an injury through treatment and rehabilitation. As a verified Level 1 Center, we specialize in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of all forms of trauma injury, with the expertise, technology and infrastructure to treat them in the best way possible. Our Trauma Center is under the leadership of Robert J. Winchell, MD, a nationally renowned expert in care for the critically injured, and the development, design, and operations of trauma systems. Comprehensive, excellent trauma care can save lives. Meeting the high standards of care set forth by the ACS proves that we are prepared to care for the most injured and most vulnerable patients at all times. 
• Designated Trauma Center: NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center is Level One Trauma, which means we are certified to provide the highest level of care for traumatic injuries. Our specialized team of surgeons, physicians and nurses, facilities and treatment are available around the clock, 365 days a year, to treat life-threatening injuries. 

• Exceptional Resources: We have the largest private EMS system in the region, providing emergency response through the 9-1-1 system. Patients have access to our full-service Emergency Departments; multidisciplinary healthcare teams featuring world-renowned experts, and the most modern intensive care and diagnostic services. As soon as we learn that a victim of trauma is en route to us, we assemble a specially trained, designated trauma team to diagnose the patient’s condition and customize a plan of care. Our team evaluates the patient using carefully developed trauma protocols. This systematic assessment maximizes our abilities to identify all injuries and determine the most appropriate and critical therapies.  

• A Team at the Ready: Our trauma and critical care experts are specially trained to address multiple organ system injuries and high –risk surgical cases. Around the clock, we stand ready to answer any call from any part of the hospital where patients need expert critical care.  

• Community Outreach: In addition to our trauma care, our commitment to the community has never been stronger. Through our innovative research, trauma systems development and education programs, we aim to integrate both social and clinical aspects in all levels of our work. Our goal is to create models, both of care and of prevention, for our community that can be replicated in the commonwealth and beyond.

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Surgical Critical Care  
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What Our Patients Are Saying

Rebecca M.

"Dr. Kira Smith is my hero. I found myself in the ER under very traumatic circumstances and was comforted by her warmth and compassionate nature. Dr. Smith performed my emergency surgery through all hours of the night, kept my family informed, and demonstrated great continuity of care throughout my stay by visiting me daily and emailing on her days off. She also saw me for months of wound care and kept in touch once I was discharged to complete my recovery at home. Dr. Smith's medical expertise, care, concern, and compassion are all five stars! I even had a second surgery with her 6 months later. I highly and confidently recommend Dr. Smith."

Jul 11, 2019
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Talking about Anton Kelly, MD

"Dr. Kelly is a brilliant, caring doctor and surgeon. He is a miracle worker! I had a critical leg wound and he not only saved my leg, but he is now treating the scar! I cannot imagine what might have happened had I not been under the care of Dr. Kelly!"

Nov 22, 2018
Source: Healthgrades
Talking about Jian Shou, M.D., FACS

"Absolutely wonderful, he save the life of my husband!"

Sep 24, 2018
Source: Healthgrades
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