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Post-ICU Recovery Clinic Brochure

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Back to Health Post ICU Podcast

Listen to Dr. Lindsay Lief's Back to Health Podcast about our Post-ICU Recovery Clinic here.

ICU Care after the ICU

Our expert, critical-care trained physicians, nurse practitioners, and psychologists will work with you to evaluate your physical, emotional and cognitive needs.

We take a holistic approach to care after the ICU. In addition to a thorough medical exam, basic pulmonary and strength testing, we screen for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and PTSD.

We ensure you are taking the right medicines, have all the equipment you need at home and are referred to appropriate specialists, including physical therapy, acupuncture and mental health services. 

What is Post-Intensive Care Syndrome? (PICS)

Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) can be identified by the following symptoms:

·      Physical limitations. After critical illness, some people are unable to return to work or to care for themselves without help.

·      Cognitive impairment. People who survive critical illness may notice new problems with memory and complex decision making.

·      Mental health issues. After an ICU stay, people are at risk for Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms, depression and anxiety as well as poor sleep.

·      Underlying medical conditions. Chronic medical problems may be diagnosed while in the hospital or may be exacerbated by critical illness

Who is affected by PICS?

If you were diagnosed with sepsis, septic shock, delirium or severe respiratory failure on mechanical ventilation (a ventilator), you may be at risk for PICS.

Were you seriously ill with COVID-19?

Our team of ICU and pulmonary experts can help guide your recovery. Please contact us to schedule your next visit. 

What to Expect During Your Visit

·      Visits may last up to 2 hours

·      Meetings with one or two physicians, a nurse practitioner, a psychologist and other medical staff

·      Testing including blood tests, pulmonary function tests, and a walking test to assess distance walked in 6 minutes and need for oxygen

·      Referrals to physical therapy, if needed, and to other physician specialists if you don't already have expert care for your specific needs

·      Communication with you and your family or loved ones. We will stay in touch with your primary doctor to help coordinate your care.

Our Weill Cornell Medicine Partners

We partner with experts and specialists across Weill Cornell Medicine to provide comprehensive, individualized care. Our partners include:

·     Integrative Health and Wellbeing

·     Center for Sleep Medicine

·     Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

·     Program for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress

Make an Appointment

To learn more about the Weill Cornell Medicine Post-ICU Recovery Clinic and to schedule an appointment, please call (646) 962-2333.

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