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delta variant of covid-19

The COVID-19 Delta Variant: Here’s What We Know So Far

Although the COVID-19 vaccines are beating back the virus, the latest variant, ‘Delta,’ is spreading worldwide and could take a powerful toll on unvaccinated populations, especially young adults and underserved individuals.

baby with cleft implant

Podcast: Multidisciplinary Cleft and Craniofacial Program

Caitlin Hoffman, M.D. and Vikash Modi, M.D. discuss the multidisciplinary cleft and craniofacial program at Weill Cornell Medicine.

dad and daughter watches fireworks

Fireworks Safety for Fourth of July

Fireworks go with summer. But if handled improperly, they can cause serious damage not only to your body, including your eyes, but also to property.

grandfather and grand child

Infographic: Your Guide to Summer Safety

Make your summer as carefree as possible by taking the proper health and safety precautions.

patient meets with doctor

How Receiving a Liver Donation During COVID-19 Changed His Life

Getting donated livers to the highest-need patients at that moment—that’s the name of the game when physicians are treating potential liver transplant recipients.

doctor checks on patient's heart

Podcast: Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Joy M. Gelbman, M.D. and Stephen Andrew McCullough, M.D. discuss ways to keep your heart healthy.

scientist in lab reviewing microscope

Podcast: ASCO 2021 Highlights

A review of important research presented at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting and a guide to the scientific jargon to better understand how clinical trials are designed, what is being evaluated and what the research showed.

Hope with her family

How Hope Got Her Life Back After A Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

When bladder cancer forced its way into Hope’s life four years ago, all she could think about were her and wife Kathy’s two children--Ashley and Justin, then 13 and 11 years old: how she wanted to see them grow up and continue being an active part of their lives. She couldn’t bear to think about leaving them.


Socorro, a Neonatal Nurse, Felt Comfortable and Cared For During Treatment of Thyroid Cancer

Socorro is a neonatal nurse who lives in New York City. “In 2018, my life changed in an instant,” she recalled, “One day, on my way to work, I got short of breath. I tried to catch my breath, but it took a while to recover. I knew that something was wrong.”

women stares at phone looking stressed

Infographic: COVID-19 & Your Mental Health

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, you may have noticed changes in your mood and emotions. Even things that used to excite you can now feel like a chore. Give yourself and your loved ones a mental health pick-me-up with these tips.