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Podcast: The Differences Between COVID, Flu, Cold and Allergies

In this episode of Back to Health, Aaron Pearlman M.D and Moitri Chowdhury Savard, MD discuss COVID-19, Flu, Cold and Allergies. They give parents vital tips on how to tell the difference. They share the most common questions they receive and what people can do at home in terms of self care and symptom relief.

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Welcome to Weill Cornell Medicine's new podcast series: Back to Health. In each episode, our team of world-renowned physicians physicians will discuss trending health topics, wellness tips & medical breakthroughs.

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Maintaining and Strengthening Relationships While Social Distancing

As part of the New York State on PAUSE plan, all non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason—parties, celebrations, or other social events—are temporarily banned. When in public, you must practice social distancing by staying at least six feet from others.

COVID-19 Treatment Depends Upon Disease Severity

How COVID-19 presents itself will vary from patient to patient, but typical symptoms include fever, cough, and fatigue, as well impaired taste and smell, and lack of appetite.

COVID-19: Why is it mild for some, deadly for others?

Among the confounding aspects of the novel coronavirus is the wide range of disease severity patients experience. While a minority of COVID-19 patients require hospitalization, the effects of infection for these people are dramatic and in some cases life threatening.

Navigating COVID-19 with a Chronic Condition

As this is a new virus, scientists and doctors are still learning how to treat it, as well as how it affects different people, including those living with chronic conditions.

COVID-19 Q&A with Dr. Roy Gulick

Video of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Q&A with Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Roy Gulick In this Q&A episode, Dr. Roy Gulick, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Rochelle Belfer Professor in Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, answers questions around COVID-19, including what causes the disease, how it compares to other viral illnesses, and any potential treatments that are being investigated. Dr. Gulick also explains herd immunity to the disease and ongoing... Read More

Tips for New Yorkers during PAUSE

All of New York state and city have experienced radical changes since the “New York State on PAUSE” executive order was implemented. For those of us who live or work within or near New York City, the regulations required significant changes in our daily lives.  After all, a typical day in New York City involves traveling throughout our city and being near dozens (if not... Read More

Podcast: Does Your Child Suffer From Asthma, Allergies, or Both? There Are Ways To Treat It.

In this episode of Kids Health Cast, Dr. Nicolina Wawrin discusses how to treat children with allergies and asthma.