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COVID Toe and Other COVID-19 Skin Conditions

Dr. Joanna Harp specializes in complex medical dermatology and skin disorders related to internal disease. She helps treat patients hospitalized for COVID-19, as well as care for outpatients via video visits.

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How Covid-19 Has Changed Health Care at Weill Cornell Medicine

The Covid-19 crisis hit New York City with hurricane force in early Spring, placing unprecedented demands on health care providers. As it turns out, the short-term response to the public health emergency has spurred some long-term improvements in operational efficiency and safety and accelerated the use of digital technology, according to Dr. Adam Stracher, chief medical officer and director of primary care at Weill Cornell Medicine.

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Social Distancing is Especially Hard for our Aging Loved Ones

Dr. Jo Anne Sirey joined Dr. Amanda Sacks-Zimmerman to discuss the benefits of social engagement on mental health for aging adults.

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Podcast: How to Talk to Your Child About Racism

Stephanie Cherestal, Ph.D. guides parents on ways to speak to your kids about racism in America. She also gives tips on how to encourage children to get involved; offering helpful ways parents can inspire kids to make a difference.

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What Is Known About COVID-19 and Abnormal Blood Clotting

Dr. Jeffrey Laurence answers questions about emerging treatments for abnormal blood clotting in severe COVID-19 cases.

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Weill Cornell Medicine Partners With Hudson River Park to Deliver Free Fitness Classes

We’re excited to offer this free fitness opportunity with the Hudson River Park. Our hope is that our parks and special partnerships help play a role in planning safe summer activities in the city.

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Podcast: Supporting Emotional Wellbeing for the LGBTQ Community During Pride

Constance Zhou, MD-PhD Candidate and Co-Executive Director of Wellness Clinic discusses the recent impacts from the pandemic on the LGBTQ community and the changes to this year's Pride month.

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Weill Cornell Medicine Partners With Hunters Point Park Conservancy to Bring Free Fitness Classes to Long Island City

We’re proud to be partners with the Hunters Point Park Conservancy to bring the Long Island City community a series of free fitness classes that will be available online this summer.

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Weill Cornell Medicine, Bend + Bloom Yoga, and Prospect Park Alliance Host 12th Annual Free Yoga Series

Weill Cornell Medicine, Bend + Bloom Yoga, and Prospect Park Alliance announce the 12th annual Prospect Park Yoga series, beginning Thursday, June 11, 2020 through September 3.

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Message from the Dean: Anti-Racism at Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Augustine M.K. Choi, the Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean of Weill Cornell Medicine, addresses the issues of racial inequality and police brutality in our country and how we will continue to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion at our institution.