Weill Cornell Medicine and Pager Partnership Connects Users to World-Class Specialists

Weill Cornell Medicine has joined forces with Pager, a mobile app that delivers on-demand healthcare services.

Under the new partnership, app users will be referred to Weill Cornell Medicine for more complex and specialty care, expanding access to the institution’s network of world-class physicians, who represent more than 30 specialties and medical disciplines.

Pager uses online chats, telemedicine and house calls made by its own team of healthcare professionals to help users diagnose and treat minor illnesses and injuries.

If Pager's providers are unable to treat a patient at his or her home office, they will engage Weill Cornell Medicine’s Physician Organization Referral Center to schedule appointments with primary care physicians and specialists. Patients who need hospitalization or complex procedures will then be connected to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

"We at Weill Cornell Medicine are deeply committed to connecting New Yorkers to our network of exceptional physicians, and our collaboration with Pager enables us to further realize that ambition," said Dr. Adam Stracher, director of the primary care division of Weill Cornell Medicine's Physician Organization and assistant dean of clinical affairs at the institution.

The partnership, Stracher added, also expands the institution's reach to millennials, "who want to access healthcare differently and offers them an entry point into Weill Cornell Medicine's specialized and compassionate care."

Pager co-founder and CEO Gaspard de Dreuzy said the company was proud to partner with Weill Cornell Medicine as part of its mission to leverage technology and design "to connect people with the right type of care at the right time, and to deliver that care as it is needed."

"Together, we will be able to expand upon our current scope, which services urgent care needs, and connect patients requiring attention from a specialist to a trusted provider at Weill Cornell Medicine," he said.

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