Volunteer Makeup Artists Pamper Weill Cornell Medicine Cancer Patients

A group of volunteers at Weill Cornell Medicine are using makeup, facials and massage treatments to help cancer patients cope with the emotional and physical side effects of chemotherapy.

Fox News recently profiled Lipstick Angels, a non-profit organization that brings volunteer makeup artists into hospitals like NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center to support women as they undergo cancer treatment.

"I think having a healthy state of mind in all different ways, not only how you choose health care, but the people that surround you and really support you is part of what can actually make someone get out and really heal from that," founder Renata Helfman told Fox News.

Working with Weill Cornell Medicine's nurses, the volunteers undergo training to care for skin that has been affected by cancer treatment, as well as other relevant information, like hospital codes, privacy policies and emergency exits.

Toni, a 50-year-old colon cancer patient told Fox News that the program has already changed the treatment experience for her.

"It kind of becomes, 'I have an appointment for a facial,' rather than, 'I'm going to the hospital for chemo,'" she said. "I was transported from a place that is clinical, with people being treated in cubicles, and suddenly I could look across and see the Lipstick Angel working with someone and you see joy. It's a sweet, comforting alternative treatment."

The program has also received support from physicians like Dr. Sebastian Mayer, a medical oncologist at Weill Cornell Medicine.

"People want to feel good about themselves, feel attractive even if they're battling a life-threatening disease and the overt effects of treatment is visible on your face, it also serves as a constant reminder of what you're going through," he said. "I think it's perfectly OK to cover that up so you're not always looking in the mirror and reminded of your cancer," he said.

Head over to Fox News to learn more about the Lipstick Angels and their work at Weill Cornell Medicine.

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