Podcast: The Promise of Liquid Biopsies

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Precision medicine leverages genetic and genomic information to help create individualized treatment plans for cancer patients. One example is an emerging test called a liquid biopsy. While traditional biopsies use more invasive tissue samples, liquid biopsies use blood tests to detect circulating tumor cells throughout the body. This technique can provide easier access to information, helping determine next steps in the cancer care journey. Liquid biopsies are a powerful tool with potential in many areas, from monitoring treatment responses to detecting cancer earlier than other screening methods.

Guest: Pashtoon Kasi, MD, MS, gastrointestinal oncologist and researcher at Weill Cornell Medicine, Director for Colorectal Cancer Research, and Precision Medicine Director for Liquid Biopsy Research at the Englander Institute of Precision Medicine.

Host: John Leonard, MD, world-renowned hematologist and medical oncologist at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

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