Patient Story: Remission Without Admission

Patient Ralph Hills is grateful for the treatment he received from Gail Roboz, M.D.

Ralph Hills with Dr. Gail Roboz.

When patient Ralph Hills was diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood cancer two years ago, the prognosis wasn't good — doctors told him to "get your affairs in order."

Like many patients diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), Hills prepared to undergo chemotherapy. But before he could start treatment, Dr. Gail Roboz, an oncologist at Weill Cornell Medicine, called the 73-year-old business owner with an offer to participate in a clinical trial. A new medication, she told him, might be able to destroy the leukemia cells in his body. Hills signed up.

"So my choice was an unknown trial drug versus chemo and a short life span," he said. "We did not hesitate."

Head over to the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center to learn more about Hills' journey toward recovery and the revolutionary new treatment that put his cancer into remission — without ever being admitted into the hospital.

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