Neuropsychology Services

Clinical Services: Neurological Surgery
Upper East Side
525 East 68th Street, Starr Pavilion, 651
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Before and after treatment for brain and spine conditions, we offer neuropsychological services including brain mapping prior to surgery and pre- and post-operative testing and cognitive remediation. Our neuropsychologists also offer evaluation and care for those who have suffered a traumatic injury.

Neuropsychologists perform face-to-face, pencil-and-paper testing of attention, memory, visuo-motor speed, and other mental abilities, and may also administer a screening with a computerized test battery of cognitive abilities. The battery (ANAM) includes quantitative assessment of reaction time, choice reaction time, sustained concentration, and working memory. ANAM was developed by the government and has far more independent research on its reliability and sensitivity to concussion than proprietary batteries like IMPACT, which, despite its popularity, is backed by research performed mostly by its developers.

Neuropsychologists provide cognitive remediation therapy, which is a goal-oriented treatment geared at optimizing functioning and reintegration into daily activities. Cognitive remediation incorporates psychotherapy in order to support the individual as he or she experiences emotions related to a brain injury or condition.

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