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Older adults currently represent 15 percent of annual emergency department visits in the U.S., as much as 60 percent in areas of Florida, Arizona, and parts of the Northeast. This trend is projected to rise as the “baby boomer” generation ages.

Older adults who visit the emergency department have unique needs and require specialized care. They:

• Require more time and, sometimes, more resources for comprehensive care

• Are more likely to be admitted and require intensive care once in the hospital

• Are more likely to have adverse reactions to medications

• Have a higher rate of adverse outcomes after leaving the emergency department

Expert Care for Geriatric and Complex Emergencies

Weill Cornell Medicine’s Emergency Medicine program, in partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian, is a national leader in Geriatric Emergency Medicine.

• Our physicians, nurses, and staff are specially trained to provide the best possible care to our older patients.

• Older patients consistently give our emergency department physicians high reviews

• Our board-certified emergency medicine physicians conduct clinical research to better understand the unique needs of geriatric patients in the emergency department — as well as improve patient care and outcomes

At Weill Cornell Medicine, the Emergency Department also trains future physicians to be experts in treating geriatric patients with our unique fellowship and comprehensive residency programs.

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